If you’re a JAGUAR training type, you’re as versatile as your sleek, supple namesake and can train at home or in the gym. You need the ease and convenience of choice, and an efficient training method that gets you results in a short amount of time.

Chances are, you have some training equipment at home, and are looking for a versatile way to save time while maximizing your results, and you need the motivation to get them.

You may be subject to time constraints and sometimes feel really overwhelmed by all the conflicting information about how to train, or what’s best for you, and lose confidence in yourself for feeling like you’re not making enough of an effort.

You may sometimes be harder on yourself than you should be for the way your body just doesn’t seem to respond, even when you’re doing the best you can - sometimes even sacrificing sleep to get a workout in.

The truth is, you need a program that fits YOUR lifestyle, one that you can stick to consistently.

I realize how frustrating this can be, so here are a few suggestions that should help address the root causes of your fitness challenges with a simple approach….

For Jaguar Training Types I Recommend…

1. COMBINE Resistance training with Explosive Cardio:

The key for JAGUAR types is to embody both of this lean, sleek hunting cat’s moves: slow and controlled, combined with fast sprints - aka, HIIT (high intensity interval training).
The absolute BEST results can be had by strategically adding explosive HIIT moves in the mix with your strength training.
So for example, doing a strength move like squats paired with an explosive move like a minute of jumping rope at intensity. Or push ups, paired with bodyweight jump squats. You can see fast results in less time with shorter workouts when you train this way.

2. See Every Environment as a Workout CHALLENGE to be Taken:

Whether at the gym or at home, sometimes you won’t have access to a specific machine or piece of equipment you need for the workout move you were planning to do. Don’t let that stop you or be an excuse to skip your workout. Just say, “Challenge Accepted!” In those cases, get CREATIVE and use gravity as your secret weapon for added resistance training.
Resistance train at home using household objects like water bottles, laundry jugs or wine bottles (LOL), taking advantage of gravity and your own body using simple props like a chair to step onto or a towel to wrap around a door handle.
You can make the most of your environment by pulling yourself up, pushing yourself away, and perform single leg or single arm movements to challenge your balance and strength.

3. Work within your LIMITS:

Do not do moves that cause you pain. Pushing yourself too hard too soon is a sure way to get injured, slow your progress and get discouraged.
Don’t beat yourself up if you need to modify a move that you see someone else do. The most important thing is to always listen to your body and work WITH it to help it get stronger.
Every time you move and exercise, you’re making a difference. I’m a beginner with a lot of moves that I try, and I get excited to see what the goal is but I don’t hurt myself trying to get there. I've had accidents and injuries in the past that let me know certain movements need to be modified - so I respect my body’s needs and limits and work within them, and you can too.

4. Take REST DAYS and Don’t Feel Guilty:

Taking rest days allows the muscles you’ve worked a chance to recover. Muscle tissue grows and strengthens after a workout, when we’re resting it.
Active recovery like walking, hiking, recreational swimming, stretching and more can be a great compliment to your regular workouts if you enjoy daily movement (it’s great for your body).
Just don’t be hard on yourself for not doing an intense workout every single day. Your system needs to reset itself and there are other things (like #5 below) that are equally important for you to devote time to weekly for true success.


Make the time to organize yourself each week to have the right food. Complimenting your training efforts with the right fuel will ensure you are successful and have great results that last over time.
To really tone and tighten up, you have to feed your body right. That means whole food sources of carbohydrates, protein, fats and greens - balanced appropriately for you.
Make sure you have a great resource for healthy recipes that include the nutrients you need and avoid foods with added sugar, processed ingredients and excess sodium for optimum results and to maximize your fat burn.

6. AVOID ADDED sugar and sodium:

Excess sugar intake elevates blood sugar, which causes fat storage, sluggish energy and in turns sabotages your healthiest body results.
Many processed foods contain way too much added sugar and/or sodium, which affects your body’s ability to regulate its water balance, your metabolism and your fat storage.
Doing your one weekly prep session will ensure you are not relying on these foods.
Read all food labels of the pre-made food you buy to ensure you aren't accidentally sabotaging your intentions, and save your intake of extra sugar for special occasions where you can (and should) enjoy it on purpose.

7. Boost your intake of SUPERFOODS:

JAGUARS need key vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) to maintain a healthy, fit physique.
For example, low-sugar fruits like blueberries are rich in antioxidants that keep your immune system healthy, and the essential fatty acids found in nuts like walnuts and almonds contribute to healthy cell membranes and brain function - plus give you lasting energy that busts cravings.

8. Balance your hormones with FREE activities like breathing, meditation, sleeping, yoga and movement:

As we age, our hormones change. While most of your hormones—like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone—decline, your stress hormone cortisol may rise.
All of this affects your body’s ability to regulate your energy and fat storage.
Enjoy daily stress management techniques to balance cortisol, like breath-work, meditation, yoga and exercise. And, eat foods that support hormone metabolism such as cruciferous veggies, garlic and onions, and colorful fruits and veggies.

The recommendations above are not intended to take the place of seeing a doctor. It’s important to work directly with a healthcare provider who can help assess any health concerns in-person. My goal is to provide you with lifestyle recommendations to help you achieve a fit, healthy body that you love using a simple system that fits your lifestyle when it comes to exercise.

Check your inbox over the next few days for more information from me on how to take care of your body from the inside out.

If You’re Ready To Start Rocking Your Body Today,

I’ve put together a Customized JAGUAR-Type Training System for you that will give you the perfect solution to train at home OR in the gym and dial in your nutrition….

The Jaguar-Type Training Solution Includes:

Betty Rocker’s Complete Home Workout Domination Program

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"I'm down 10 pounds. And I need to lose the weight but more importantly, I NEED to be healthy! A complete diet transformation and this program helped jumpstart my success!"

Jamie B.​
"Doing resistance training and cardio combined and I have not lost one single ounce on the scale....I was feeling horribly frustrated being it has been a month so I decided to do a progress sequence and wth look at me now!! It's not about weight, it's about how your body changes when you eat right and exercise! Yay!!"

Jamie B.​
"Really pleased with my progress! I feel great and healthy and strong!"

Amy M.​
"Day 1 and day 30. Excited for my progress. I feel so strong and healthy! Who flipping cares about skinny. Fit looks better naked!"

Liz Beth​
"Thank you so much!! I've changed my lifestyle completely around. I've become more active and eat healthier. My food choices consist of high protein fare as opposed to watching my calorie/carb intake."

Dina H.​
"I'm proud of how far I've come. I've tried many programs and haven't stuck with any of them til I found Betty Rocker. I'm doing HWD and I love it."

Lorena M.​

*Individual results may vary and may not be typical or representative of what you might expect. To learn more about our community’s experiences with our programs look at our Testimonial Support page.

Here’s How It Works:

Time saving home workout plan to melt fat off your trouble areas.
tone and tighten your legs, butt, abs and arms


  • Maximize fat burn with workouts that trigger the afterburn effect, keeping your body in a fat-burning state for up to 38 hours post workout
  • Keep your body guessing with workouts that train your entire body with both strength and plyometrics for the ultimate conditioning workout
  • Transform your body burning more calories at rest with workouts that add lean muscle and decrease over all body fat


  • Do your workout anywhere – minimal equipment needed, so it’s great for travel, home workouts and in the gym
  • Time saving plan with superset sequences to maximize the time you have
  • Saves you money – you can use this plan to get fit anywhere without spending money on a gym or a trainer!


  • Increased resistance sculpts more muscle, faster to give your body a sculpted shape and lean lines
  • Fast Fun and Effective: challenge different muscle groups with each workout
  • Get a faster response with a variety of isolation strength movements and high intensity interval training

Your Complete Home Workout Domination Program Includes….

Workout Preview
  • 8 Week workout plan – sculpt, tone, strengthen and #makefatcry with this home workout program that will get you results head to toe!

  • Workout with me! I’ll talk you through each workout with a full follow along video so we can do it together (great for ALL fitness levels)

  • Demo video for each workout so you can learn form, alignment and options to do it with equipment or bodyweight!

  • Full Body Workouts: demos for strengthening and toning your butt, legs, arms and abs to shed fat and sculpt a lean, fit physique

  • Lower Body Workouts: build and shape your booty, strengthen and define strong, shapely legs

  • Upper Body and Abs Workouts: sculpt and tone your abs, shoulders, arms and back! Little black dress, here you come!

  • HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training workouts to burn extra fat and increase total body strength!

  • Yoga Workouts: stretch and sculpt with this flexibility and toning series to add in once a week for improved circulation, posture, form and alignment

Special Bonus Gifts To Help You Get Even More

Healthy Eating Jumpstart Guide

  • Get a jump on healthy eating and speed up
    your results with this jumpstart guide
  • Sample 7 day meal plan
  • 20 healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner
    and snacks!

Workout Calendars

  • Workout calendars to help you stay on track with your plan
  • Short week calendar to help you stay consistent with your progress when life gets extra busy (also great for beginners)

60 Day Coaching and Accountability E-course

  • Personal emails from your coach (me) to encourage and support you on your fitness journey!
  • Motivating content each week covering nutrition, fitness and mindset to help you stay on track with your plan
  • Be supported and inspired as you work your way to great results

Workout Trackers

  • Printable workout tracker to take with you on the go
  • Conveniently track your progress as you workout to see how your strength increases
  • Motivate yourself by looking back and see how far you’ve come!

Meet Your Trainer

Meet Your Trainer

Who is Betty Rocker? Betty Rocker is me! My name is Bree Argetsinger, but I’ve been called “punk rock Betty Crocker” since I was a little girl.

I’m a health coach and fitness motivator, and I work with people all over the world,

helping them transform from the inside out.

My passion for fitness and health developed after treating my body very badly for many years and choosing to educate myself and do the work to develop good practices based on science, my own intuition and a deep love and compassion for other people who were struggling as well.

While working as a structural integration therapist with extreme sports athletes and racers (which I did for 8 years!), my clients started asking me for nutrition plans that were like “what I was using.” When I saw how much more quickly they got results following my combined nutrition and workout plans, I transitioned to the work I do now and began teaching this impactful information online so I could reach as many people as possible.

I have mastered many aspects of health and personal development, including becoming a C.H.E.K. (Corrective Exercise and High-performance Kinesiology) certified Exercise Coach, an I.S.S.A. certified nutrition specialist, and a Nationally Certified Structural Integration Practitioner (realignment of the body through manual therapy).

I’ve written multiple cookbooks, and nutrition and fitness plans that have been successfully used by thousands of people. My primary focus is on empowering you with the skills and knowledge you need to make the best choices for yourself – so you can achieve the result you’re looking for while enjoying yourself along the way.

This Program is for you if:

This Program is for you if:

  • You like having the option of being able to do your
    workout from home, anytime
  • You like having a workout to do that only takes 30 mins
  • You’re looking to feel better and have more energy
  • You like variety in your program
  • You like a convenient workout plan to follow
  • You’d like to sculpt and tone your legs, butt, stomach
    and arms in less time
  • You like using minimal equipment and having lots of options
  • You enjoy feeling confident and strong
  • You’re committed to your health and fitness
  • You want a result and you are looking for the right plan

Betty Rocker Program Results:

“I told myself I didn’t want to join a gym, but I wanted a new way to exercise and eat healthier.I found you and I learned to eat better and rock out with great new workouts! In the photos, the biggest difference is not measured in pounds, but in the way my skin is tighter, muscles firmer, and my belly button is in a higher place than it was before! I’m happy!”

Paula W.
“I love my progress! Thank you so much!”

Jennifer C.
“So happy with my progress. The eating plan and the workouts are amazing! I feel great mentally and physically!”

Bonnie G.
“I got my cholesterol down 33 points with your diet and exercise! I showed my cardiologist my halfway pics and she was amazed!

Colleen G
“It’s crazy how my appearance has changed and how my weight has changed! I am happy with my results so far!”

Mel Anne.

*Individual results may vary and may not be typical or representative of what you might expect. To learn more about our community’s experiences with our programs look at our Testimonial Support page.


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Home Workout Domination

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Home Workout Domination

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Real success stories, from real people!

*Individual results may vary and may not be typical or representative of what you might expect. To learn more about our community’s experiences with our programs look at our Testimonial Support page.

60 – Day Money Back GUARANTEE

Take the first step toward improving your health by trying my Home Workout Domination plan for the next 60 days. If you don’t feel healthier, more energized and simply amazing, you won’t pay. If you’re not satisfied, simply contact customer service within 60 days for a full refund.

Bree Argetsinger
CEO The Betty Rocker, Inc


Click the “Start Now” Button TODAY to get Home Workout Domination for the Special Kickoff Price

Workout Plan ($197 Value) + Bonuses ($217 Value) = $414 TOTAL Value

Regular Price $197

Home Workout Domination

Today You Pay
Save $130
Regular Price $197

Home Workout Domination

Payment Plan
$39X2 months
Save $119

For security purposes, all orders are processed on a secure server.

You’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS to the Home Workout Domination and Bonuses Immediately
After Purchase. This Program is 100% Digital. No Physical Products will be Shipped.

Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers….

Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers….

Yes! Home Workout Domination is designed to be done from home with minimal equipment. It’s a great option to take with you traveling as you’ll have access to the entire program on any device. You can most certainly do these workouts in the gym too if you’re there!

You’ll have a demo videos for each workout to show you how to do the workout with/without equipment in addition to the follow along workout videos, so you’ll see options. If you’re doing it with home workout equipment, you’ll use:

  • dumbbells – alternatives: water jugs, cans, wine bottles, water bottles
  • a swiss ball – alternatives: sliders, an ottoman, paper plates
  • cables/bands – alternatives: a towel, ankle weights, dumbbells or dumbbell alternatives
  • jump rope – alternative: air jump rope

The equipment itself is optional, as you can use bodyweight and still get a great workout. You can also use household items to add resistance if you don’t have any equipment yet.

Home Workout Domination works your body head to toe – working upper body, lower body, full body, HIIT training and yoga in a sequence to keep your body guessing and get you results!

You’ll be doing “superset” workouts, which are like short circuits pairing strength with cardio to give you the maximum effect in the shortest amount of time.

Each workout will contain several supersets so you can efficiently move through the workout and maximize the opportunity to get stronger and lose unwanted body fat.

You will have options for each exercise – you can do these workouts using only body weight or add more resistance with various workout equipment or household objects like water bottles and furniture.

The workouts are 25 min to 35 min in length, depending on the day. If you’re short on time, you can leave one superset off so you can still get your workout done. The plan is written for 5 days a week – but I’ve included a custom 3-day plan for you as well.

Yes, this program is awesome for beginners – it’s actually great for all fitness levels! Since you’ll be the one choosing the equipment and resistance (i.e. how much weight you use) you can safely start where you are at.

Every workout comes with a companion demonstration video to help you learn proper form, safe alignment and all the equipment options before doing the follow along workout with me.

Plus, with all the great options, you can grow with this program and use it over and over again without it feeling repetitious. This program also includes a Healthy Eating Guide with a 7 Day Meal Plan so you can get a great feel for healthy eating that supports your workouts!

Right away! As soon as you complete your payment, you’ll receive instant access and a special login and password to the email you used when you purchased that will securely log you in to the exclusive customer area.

You’ll have forever access to this area from any device you are on.

Definitely. These workouts take less time because of how the circuits are formatted – so you don’t have to spend 30 minutes doing a dedicated cardio session PLUS another 20-30 minutes on strength training.

Plus, doing a home workout means you won’t need to get dressed, drive to the gym, find the equipment you need, do the workout, drive home, etc. You’ll be more efficient AND effective in less time – and be able to reach your goals!