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  • One thing I have to remind myself of in the midst of all my drive to succeed is to be PRESENT to this amazing place I now am.
To celebrate it, and all the work I have put in to get here, and to enjoy it. 
I remember when these dreams I’m living today were just written on a whiteboard.
So in the midst of writing on my whiteboard TODAY about all that’s ahead and all I am excited to do next, I’m reflecting on how far I’ve come, feeling so grateful for my opportunities and acknowledging myself for my work and grit.

No matter what it is that you’re striving for or worried about, don’t forget to acknowledge yourself for where you are, and for growing so much.

In any arena - your physical strength, your relationships, your business and work life, your emotional resilience, your spiritual strength - we are always growing. When we grow with intention, we get the greatest results.

Take a moment today, or even use the comments below and write down:

1️⃣ Your intentions for yourself that you’re working toward in any of these areas: physical, emotional, spiritual, work, relationships, or any I haven’t listed
2️⃣ A reflection on where you are right now compared to where you were when this was a dream for you. .

Maybe you used to wish you’d have a great partner in life and you are now married but frustrated with your partner. Reflect back on how far you’ve come to attract this person in your life, and how much you wanted to be in a couple like this. 
Maybe you have just started a new career, but you feel like you’re not being recognized for your efforts. Reflect back on how much you wanted to work in this field, and now are. 
Maybe you’ve gotten stronger recently, but are frustrated because you still don’t see what you want to see in the mirror. Reflect back to where you started and acknowledge the work you’ve done to get here and how strong and supportive your body is as it continues to develop.
In the present, in a strong mental state we can make our greatest strides and live our best life. Carry this appreciation with you daily even as you strive for more - you deserve to FEEL as successful and amazing as you ARE. .
  • How I feel post workout: STRONG! 💪🏼😅🏆 How about you? Describe in one word + 3 emoji below ⬇️⬇️

Life gets sooo busy some days, and while I don’t train every day, I do something that moves my body on purpose every day. Whether it’s taking the dog for a walk, 10 sun salutations when I wake up, or my dedicated workout, my energy is better when I move.
I workout all different times because my schedule changes a lot. It really doesn’t matter when you workout as long as you have good energy. Morning, afternoon or evening - all are fair game. 
Pay attention to how you’re eating throughout the day to make space for your workout so you’re not super hungry going in or super full.
Having really effective workouts I can do anywhere is what I attribute my ability to be consistent to - results don’t come from the workouts that we don’t do! So having short, convenient options makes all the difference. I do train in a variety of ways (including more equipment) but I’m able to be consistent no matter what because I have options. Get my free workouts on my blog ( @thebettyrocker )
I don’t really worry about pre or post workout specific shakes or supplements. 
I eat normally, and include protein and carbs around my workouts (but that’s normal for me). I don’t eat a high carb or low carb diet, I just eat whole food carbs like sweet potatoes, buckwheat, oats, quinoa, lentils, beans and rice - all of which I either buy or prepare soaked or sprouted, which is awesome for your gut and makes those nutrients really available to your system.
Supplements can be useful for different goals, personally mine right now are to maintain my muscle and continue to be strong. I’m not looking to gain or lose anything, which is an awesome place to be, and I find it very easy to do with eating a solid base of healthy food and following the principles from the Body Fuel System. If you follow my stories you see a lot of my daily meals, and I have so many easy, awesome recipes in my story features and on my blog ( .
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#stopdropandbettyrock #strongereveryday
  • Got a quick full body shred workout for you to try 💪🏼 - optional dumbbells or water bottles for resistance - 3 rounds:

1️⃣ Sumo Squat Side Kick (0:30) - keep your butt back and chest up to maximize the booty work. Be sure your knees track in line with your toes 👌🏼
2️⃣ Snap Climber Pop (0:30) - hold your tall plank, core engaged and hands stacked below shoulders. Do 2 mountain Climbers and Pop up to a pike, then repeat. Can do this with your hands on the side of your couch for a little mod to build that shoulder strength!
3️⃣ Leg Extensions (0:30 each leg) - work that booty! Don’t arch your back, hold your core and torso stable to isolate the booty.
4️⃣ Biceps Curls (0:30) - keep your shoulders back and elbows tucked into your sides. .
Do the follow along Workout with me with additional moves, form tips and fun on my website 👉🏻 or save it In my FREE APP, download that ❤️
Check in - did you workout today? 👇🏻
#thebettyrocker #thebettyrockerchallenge #homeworkout .
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  • Salute to all my ladies working hard making it happen - through all the ups and downs -  holding your head up, remembering who you are with that fire in your eyes and trust in yourself - never stop. 
Never doubt yourself. 
Never stop believing you are making it happen.
Never stop helping the next girl up. 
Never forget who looks up to you. 
You are fierce, you are magnificent, you are capable, you are strong. 
SHINE and SLAY, baby - you’re getting it done. .
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#shineandslay #thebettyrocker #motivation
  • @thebodhirocker continues to teach me how to down dog 🐶❤️
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  • Try this full body sculpt and shred home workout I just did, #noequipment #noexcuses 😊🙌🏼
3 rounds
1️⃣ Burpee to Alternating Side Kick (0:45)
2️⃣ Straight Leg Hip Raise (0:30)
3️⃣ Hip Thrusters (0:30)
4️⃣ Single Leg Thrusters (0:30 each leg)
5️⃣ Push Up to Reverse Row (0:30)
6️⃣ Booty Kick to Step Up Kick (0:30 each leg)
I am sweating buckets after this workout! 
After getting pneumonia this spring and taking some time off from exercise my body lost some muscle tone, and I was ok with that! 
So grateful to be healthy and able to move, and I know exactly what to do to get that strength back. 
I’m so glad I rested and let myself get better and didn’t feel pressure to workout too soon like I might have in the past. 
I am also happy with my body when it’s softer. 
It’s natural and healthy to go through cycles throughout the year of being leaner and softer. 
My body does that on its own throughout my monthly cycle but it also happens during the year a couple times as I taper off intensity for various reasons like extensive travel, needing a break, getting sick (getting sick isn’t exactly a choice but I know how to roll with it when it happens).
I am sharing this because I know a lot of people think I have this “perfect” or “ideal” body but it’s a body like yours and it ebbs and flows and does all the human things. I actually felt perfect about myself when I was softer and I felt perfect about myself when I was leaner. That’s different than “looking perfect” which is less relevant to me personally, though i naturally take pride in my appearance. 
I prefer to feel love for myself and gratitude for all my body can do - and I’m aware that the choices I make and the way I work my 4 pillars (sleep, nutrition, stress management and exercise) is what creates my results. 
The truth is how we perceive ourselves is the most important thing, not how others perceive us, or how we think others perceive us.
I don’t have time for anyone in my life who only values me for how I look, I’m a total package AND SO ARE YOU - so don’t forget it!!
Resources for your 4 Pillars on my website - @thebettyrocker links in profile 🙌🏼❤️
#stopdropandbettyrock #strongereveryday
  • Stress management and the state of our mental health on a day to day basis is the too-often unaddressed elephant in the room when it comes to achieving lasting health and wellness.
Stress management is NOT last on my “4 Pillars” list - 
It actually weighs in above exercise. 
If you're in the habit of putting it at the bottom of your list (you’re not alone), I'd invite you to reassess that...
Chronic stress has been scientifically proven to cause us to reach for comfort foods, undermining your efforts in the kitchen and the gym.
Elevated levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, cause belly fat storage - the area most women have the hardest time losing fat from. 
And chronic stress really affects our brain, lowering our immune response so we get sick more often, recover more slowly from injury, and are simply unable to maintain a state of health and vitality.
There are external stressors and internal stressors. 
While we can't always control external stressors, working on strengthening our ability to manage our internal stressors creates a lot of "mental muscle" that helps us deal with things life throws our way.
Stress management techniques can be tools that help you practice thinking in ways that serve you. 
You can do breathing practices, walking or sitting meditations, listen to relaxing music, journal, go to therapy, join a supportive community, work with a coach, draw, paint, do yoga, the possibilities are endless - but having a regular, dedicated practice that you actively make time for daily is more important than fitting your workout in.
This was probably the hardest pillar for me to dial in, and it took me until I was in my 40's to start doing it it's never too soon or too late to start. 
I've used EMDR therapy to help with my PTSD, anxiety and depression (check out the story highlight in my profile on this). I do a daily breathing technique from  @heartmathinstitute. I love practicing @zivameditation techniques. 
Different things work for us all - I just want you to make this as important as any of the other 4 pillars and not neglect it. I want you around for a long, long time.
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  • Allow yourself to be proud of yourself and all the progress you have made. 
Especially the progress nobody knows about but you. There are a lot of things to celebrate about how far we’ve come when we take a moment to reflect, I know that’s true for me.
Did you know I smoked for 10 years for example? You’d never know it now - but actually I went years being unhealthy before I learned how to be healthy and love myself. 
I was 14 when I started, and smoked into my early 20’s. I’m 41 now - far away from that and so glad. Sometimes when we are in the midst of making an unhealthy choice we think there’s no point in stopping, because we’ve just ruined our chances or we are already a failure - but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. 
I think we too often block ourselves from changing course by thinking we have to take this “all or nothing” approach to reaching our goals when the secret to success is simply to do SOMETHING in the direction of our goals. Quitting smoking was hard but what got me to do it was this thing i read about how your lungs start repairing as soon as you quit. It gave me hope, and one day at a time I got healthier. 
One step forward, one round of a workout, walk instead of take the elevator, make that healthier choice with one meal, drink more water, be patient for just one more minute. .

If you've missed a workout or had a few too many lingering weekend treats for example, this is your permission slip to not beat yourself up over it.

Today, focus on doing something that moves you in the direction of your goals. Not ALL the things, SOMEthing.

Because real results come from doing something consistently, not trying to do everything and burning out so you end up doing nothing...and this is how we really succeed and make it stick.

I like to call this the "all or something" approach, and it's been a lot more effective for me than "all or nothing" in getting lasting results and actually being happy and feeling good about myself.
That inner happiness, that self love, that positive feeling about ourselves - that’s the real win. ❤️
#allorsomething #thebettyrocker #strongereveryday