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  • ⭐️Quick Mental Checklist⭐️
✔️ Who in your life ADDS value: when you’ve spent time around them you feel awesome, empowered, good energy?
✔️ What activities in your life make you feel ALIVE?
✔️ What foods do you eat that make you feel satisfied and nourished?
✔️ What kinds of exercise leave you feeling STRONG, and confident?
✔️ Which Instagram accounts that you follow inspire, motivate and uplift you, and after you see a post you feel good about yourself and what you’re doing?
It’s a short list but it’s plenty to consider ... consider it and spend MORE time doing and being around THOSE things, people and activities.
The more you replace anything that doesn’t feel like this with the things that do, the happier, more fulfilled and closer to your goals you are. ❤️🙌🏼
#motivation #thebettyrocker #mindsetiseverything
  • I love wearing these @truedark eye protecting blueblocker glasses because they protect my eyes from too much blue light exposure, which helps me get better quality sleep.
I’ve shared before how much I struggle to get to bed early, and while my sleep quantity may vary, making the most of my sleep QUALITY makes a big difference in my recovery from my workouts and being able to focus and concentrate the next day.
During the day I usually wear the yellow ones (there is a clear version too) since I’m on the computer so much. As it gets dark and the lights in my house come on, they protect my eyes from too much artificial light and let my bodies natural hormone cycle and circadian rhythm maintain stability, rather than getting thrown off balance which can really impact sleep.
I usually wear the red ones for an hour before bed, when I’m reading  and as I’m winding down. But sometimes I just wear them because they look cool 😎 #rockstarreds
I just got a pair of the Daywalkers (daytime clears that block around 40% of blue light) for Coach Donna for her birthday who asked for them specifically since she’s online all day. They are a great gift for someone you love and also for yourself.
Sleep is at the top of the 4 pillars for a reason, and I want to get good rest. I always think about how pets are affected by junk light too, which I talk about a little in the video. All the artificial light impacts their rest as much as our own.
I watch Bodhi and think about how wise he is naturally - he falls asleep at 9:30pm, he wakes up and sits in the sun, he plays, stays hydrated, takes naps, and only wants to eat the best food (#spoiled ❤️). But he gets great sleep. If I would go to sleep when he does I’d be set!!
The glasses I wear are from @truedark - you can use BETTYROCKER at checkout to get 10% off your order 😎😎
If you’re using the IGTV drop down description this link is clickable, and if not it’s easy to remember:
Hit me up with any questions! 🙌🏼
  • Try this awesome 10-minute workout you can do from home! ⭐️Save for later ⭐️ As instructed in the vid, you’ll alternate these 2 moves for 0:20 each with a 0:10 rest between then for 4 minutes total.

1️⃣ Frog Jumps
2️⃣ Squat to Alternating Front Kicks
1️⃣ Walking Plank to Pike Jump In
2️⃣ Jump Squat to High Pull Row
Get it! You can’t tell me you don’t have 10 minutes! And if you have 15, try one final 4 minute set in the full workout on my blog:
  • When you fall in love with someone, or fall into friendship with someone, do you love them because they look exactly like our f*d up cultural ideal of “perfection” or do you find yourself fascinated by the qualities they have that are unique?
Do you look for things to love with your friends and partners and find yourself enjoying and loving the person they ARE?
I mean, I know you do. 
I do.
So why is this SO HARD to do for ourselves internally? It’s like there is this secret conversation we’re having in our heads that is totally in opposition to what we celebrate in the actual people we actually love. 
LOVE YOURSELF too. Celebrate yourself.
Look for things that are unique about you and appreciate them. 
It’s human nature to want to be part of the tribe and fit in and feel attractive, but don’t make the mistake of thinking the only things that make you attractive are your pant size, your height, your leg length, your thigh gap (WTF), your hair color, or any specific set of physical data that comes in a joyful assortment for all of us as humans. .
Make the most of what YOU have got. Be the strongest YOU, the bravest you, the most beautiful you in the way that fits your aesthetic and life. 
That’s the most attractive you. The one who loves herself.
Don’t starve yourself trying to be a size 0 or exercise 2 times a day thinking you’ll finally be happy when you lose 10 pounds.
Be happy now. Accept that you’re beautiful now. 
Work on your goals in healthy ways - ways that enhance your life, not ways that take over your life.
Stop playing the secret mind game where you’re never enough and you need to look like this girl on Instagram to be somebody. 
Be you.
Balance your activities in pursuit of goals that serve the WHOLE person you are, not just her shell. .
#youarebeautiful #bettyrockerlovesyou #thebettyrocker
  • Get ready to FEEL THE BURN 🔥swipe ➡️ save ⭐️and like ❤️! But most importantly TRY IT! 💪🏼
3 rounds:
1️⃣ & 2️⃣ Split Squat Lunge (0:30-0:45 each side - right and left side both shown, option to add a bicep curl)
3️⃣Side Slide Crunch (0:45)
4️⃣ Runner Slides (0:30-0:45)
5️⃣ Plank Knee Tucks (0:30-0:45)
6️⃣ Clean the Floor 😂 (0:30-0:45)
7️⃣ Side Glides - option to add the punches (0:45)
You don’t have to have stairs, turn on the audio to hear my suggestions and mods. I was talking about how to make things work for you in my story yesterday - make it your own! Nothing can stop you ❤️
This video set makes me miss Ryder. I just got back from taking him to California. He’s already had a surgery to remove an abscess he developed recently in his neck and is on the mend. I have reports that he’s less stressed there - probably due to cooler temps and less bugs and grasses that aggravate his skin and ears and paws, and were exacerbating the autoimmune condition he developed this year. I’m hoping he can heal and do better there. I hope it’s temporary. And Bodhi and I miss him! Thanks for all your support.
  • Totally fun Barre Sculpt to try at home with me today, all you need is a chair!
There’s more to this sequence if you have time and want to work out with me, here’s a link to the full follow along on my blog:

I love this workout for the opportunity to really work so many stabilizing muscles and sculpt my body low-impact as a great balance to a lot of the HIIT and resistance style shreds I also share!

You can get more of my free workouts on and I’d also love to invite you to check out my home gym where I have 5 new classes every week, 30 day home workout challenges to take, a support community and coaching! That’s what’s known as Rock Your Life 🙌🏼😊💪🏼 and you’ll rock your body too!
I’m doing this workout today, be sure to check in and let me know what you’re up to, and feel free to SAVE this as well!
  • It doesn’t have to be Monday, the first of the month or the first of the year to push reset, restart or just “start” on what matters to you. 
You may have had major setbacks, delays and disappointments before, but those challenges you have faced have only made you more resilient. 
Not weaker. Stronger.
Be here now. Galvanize your energy and do what you can with what you have TODAY.
The lessons from yesterday can be like guardrails - but don’t allow them to DErail you from focusing on where you are going. That’s what matters.
Speaking of setbacks, delays, and bumps along the road - I finally made it out of Florida with Ryder Monday night after Friday’s flight cancellations from the hurricane.
Despite delays getting out again, a broken AC on the plane and some craziness, we made it to his new (hopefully temporary) home in SD. My heart was breaking 😢 when I drove away, but I knew I had made the right decision to give him a fresh start on his healing process, in a climate that won’t stress his system out so heavily.
I decided to cut my trip to SD short when there was a major power outage on Coronado island, and fly home last night.
On the second, short 1-hour flight leg, a couple behind me started fighting. The next thing you know she had thrown her drink at him and they were going at it. The flight crew tried to get them to calm down, change seats, all of it - but he remained obstinate and belligerent. Needless to say they turned that plane around and kicked those people off.
Despite the delays and setbacks, I made it home around 2am.
But that couple didn’t make it their destination and now they’ll be banned from future flights on that airline.
Traveling often allegorically reminds me of major life themes.
1️⃣ Be patient.
2️⃣ Don’t get drunk and fight in public (?!)
3️⃣ Stay focused on where you’re going. You can almost always catch the next flight. But not if you give up or forget 1 or 2.
4️⃣ Everywhere you go, you take yourself with you.
5️⃣ You can always start over tomorrow.
  • Some workout inspiration for you and a great sequence from my Arms, Abs and Back workout - full follow along here (20 min workout) this link is clickable from inside IGTV -

3 rounds:

1️⃣ Incline (or plank) Push Ups (10-15)
2️⃣ Squat to alternating overhead press (10-20)
3️⃣ Ball Crunches (can also be done on the floor) (15-20)
4️⃣ Biceps Curl to Flye (10-12)
5️⃣ Superwoman Lifts (10-15)
6️⃣ Side Plank Crunch (10-12 each side)
7️⃣ Slow Burpees (10-12)

This is a great workout!! Enjoy the burn 🔥🔥 Do the 20 min workout with me right here -

I was really moved to read so many of your comments in my post from the other day, it’s so important to let yourself be you, and love yourself as you work toward any goal.

Being healthy and strong and wanting to look good and anything you feel like going for are all awesome - but what needs to match up is the way we talk to ourselves along the way. I learned that the hard way (there really isn’t another way to really learn things lol) and I know I’m not the only one!

I sabotaged myself a lot more when I felt like I never measured up no matter what I did, or felt like I was never good enough no matter how many goals I hit. I realized that was coming from inside of me and I had to get really honest and dig into why that was for me, and then take steps to change my thinking.

What I said in that post is what I do, I think about how I talk to my best friends and people I love (especially when I’m in doubt or struggling); I feel like I can find my way - because I have my own back.
No matter what, I know I did my best and I love myself. That’s a pretty big shift from where I started.

If you want to practice this thing I do you can do it even with this workout. While you’re working out + it’s hard tell yourself you’re doing a great job. Notice when you put in effort on the good form and that you showed up. Think about what you’d say to your kids, or your best friend, or that little 7 year old you that’s always with you. Build yourself up inside while you build muscle, it’s a winning combo