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  • Feel the burn with this fast, fun HIIT strength workout! Swipe ➡️ to do them all, and save this one to your workout collection using the little 🎗to the right below the video!
This workout can also be found full length (all 15 min of it) on -  @thebettyrocker to see form, mods and get motivated as you do it with me to coach you!
3 rounds:
1️⃣ Slow Burpee Cross Cross (0:30)
2️⃣ Mountain Climbers (0:30)
3️⃣ Superwoman Lifts with Trap Activator (0:30)
4️⃣ Squat Jump Switch (0:30)
5️⃣ Full Body Roll Up (0:30)
6️⃣ Crescent Kicks (0:30)
This workout is awesome for your entire body - you’re hitting your butt and legs, major core, arms, shoulders and back. Strength AND cardio in 15 min - challenge yourself to do this!
Don’t forget to save 🎗 - use the little ribbon icon under the bottom right of the video - to find your workouts you’ve saved use the 3 lines in your profile which opens your menu and you can see your collections ☺️🙌🏼
Happy Monday!
#motivation #stopdropandbettyrock
  • Stress management and the state of our mental health on a day to day basis is the too-often unaddressed elephant in the room when it comes to achieving lasting health and wellness.
Stress management is NOT last on my “4 Pillars” list -

It actually weighs in above exercise. If you're in the habit of putting it at the bottom of your list (you’re not alone), I'd invite you to reassess that... Chronic stress has been scientifically proven to cause us to reach for comfort foods, undermining your efforts in the kitchen and the gym.

Elevated levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, cause belly fat storage - the area most women have the hardest time losing fat from.

And chronic stress really affects our brain, lowering our immune response so we get sick more often, recover more slowly from injury, and are simply unable to maintain a state of health and vitality.

There are external stressors and internal stressors. While we can't always control external stressors, working on strengthening our ability to manage our internal stressors creates a lot of "mental muscle" that helps us deal with things life throws our way.

Stress management techniques can be tools that help you practice thinking in ways that serve you. 
You can utilize breathing practices, walking or sitting meditations, listen to relaxing music, journal, learning self- awareness techniques, neural feedback, different forms of therapy, joining a supportive community, working with a coach, draw, paint, do yoga, the possibilities are endless - but having a regular, dedicated practice that you actively make time for daily is AS MUCH and potentially more important than fitting your workout in.
I get that a workout helps alleviate stress, and we should absolutely exercise -  but a workout is also a kind of physical stress that can be overused and it is not enough by itself - we also need periods of reflection, stillness and flow that intentionally cultivate mental connectedness to ourselves and the world around us.

Different things work for us all - cont’d below in comments are my recommendations + resources. Share yours as well 👇🏼👇🏼
  • ❤️ live with passion ❤️ try new things ❤️ seek adventure ❤️ learn by doing 💜 welcome change ❤️ embrace the process ❤️ freedoms is a state of mind 💜 be authentic ❤️ help people with your strengths and talents ❤️ there is no failure, only learning ❤️ there is no progress without learning ❤️ measure against your own standards, not others 💜 speak your truth
❤️ choose your friends wisely ❤️ model excellence ❤️ be your own leader ❤️ do things for impact, not money 💜 respect yourself
❤️ push your limits
❤️ Betty Rocker loves You #mycreed
PS - I have a tattoo of a beautiful blue bird 🐦 on the inside of my right arm, and she has always been a symbol to me, with her wings of freedom, something I yearned for when I was younger.
Somewhere in the last 10 years since i got her, I found my freedom. 
This picture makes me happy because when you’re free inside, you can find sanctuary anywhere you go out there in the wild world.
  • SWIPE ➡️ to tone, tighten and SCULPT with these great ballet barre moves from my new #lowimpact high intensity class - use the 🎗under the videos to save this to your workout collection!
Follow along now available in the app and on the blog (links in my profile @thebettyrocker ) 💜
Try these today:
1️⃣ Toe Taps front to back with Reverse Lunge (20 each side)
2️⃣ Bent Knee Lifts (20 each side)
3️⃣ Straight Leg Raises (20 each side)
4️⃣ Straight Leg Raises with Single Arm Lift (15 each side)
5️⃣ Elevated Push Ups with leg lifted (10 each side)
This sequence alone is amazing - turn your audio on 🔈to hear me instruct you on form and get some good guidance.
More available for you in the follow along, link in my profile to the blog and you can download my free app too! .
Be sure to check in below ⬇️⬇️
#balletbarre #barreworkout #noequipment #stopdropandbettyrock 💜
  • One of my favorite qualities in my closest friends is their ability to laugh at themselves. I really value humility balanced with confidence because it says “I’m open, learning and growing, and I’m Awesome too.” You’ll have to tell me if this is true for you, but I find I can forgive people just about anything when they are self-reflective, own their sh*t and are deepening their self awareness. Taking personal responsibility is the hallmark of true personal power and a deep, fulfilling life. 
While I was doing some brain training #neuralfeedback a few months ago, I gained some perspective about the way we love ourselves and the reason so many relationships go wrong.
It’s because people can only love you to the extent that they’ve learned to love themselves. 
And I know it’s no big shocker but that means that YOU can only love another person as much as you’ve learned and allowed yourself to love YOURSELF. 
This is why I think the piece about being open and learning and growing, and taking personal responsibility is so profound. Those tools allow us to deepen our self love, and in turn love the people around us.
And LOVE is what really raises the frequency of the world. 
My mission of late has been to simply focus on nurturing the relationship I have with myself; how I care for my physical body, how I talk to myself internally, being mindful of my thoughts and the direction they take, being conscious of how I feel in relationship to others - so I can bring more love to everything I touch and every person I engage with.
Key In this process for me has been a consistent willingness to be humble. To recognize that no matter how far I’ve come, I am always a student. .

Share where this lands for you in comments below. Looking forward to your thoughts ❤️
#thebettyrocker #love
  • If you showed up as your best self, what would that look like? How does it feel? 
What have you let go of?
What do you breathe like?
Dress like?
Move like?
Love like?
These were some of the questions I had to start asking myself about 10 years ago at 31 when I was feeling very lost and very empty inside.
I knew there was more but I didn’t know how I could find it, embody it, breathe it and be it.
The other day I found a journal I had written in back then where I tried to answer some of the questions about what my best self looked and felt like and what I had in my life.
Every single thing on that list is true.
You, me, we are so incredibly powerful.
Take a minute today.
Write down some of the answers to those questions.
You can write it in your journal 📓 or you can write it in my comments - just give yourself this moment to set an intention for yourself.
You are so powerful, you are so capable, you are so amazing. 🙏🏻 Get what you want in life. To put it in the words of my dear friend @sarahprout manifesting coach and author, don’t die with your music still inside you. 🧚‍♂️
Got my wings @afest #afest 🦄🌸👑🧚‍♂️🙌🏼🙏🏻💫
  • Let’s get shredded! 🔥 This is my newest Posterior Chain workout to help you build strong and sculpted back, legs and glutes!
Slide ➡️ and use the 🎗 under the post to save this to your workout collection to do anytime!
You can do it with me (full follow along) on the blog or in my free app, links in profile ❤️
1️⃣ Bent Knee Reverse Lift (10-20 each leg)
2️⃣ Bird Dog Crunch with Reverse Lift (10 each leg)
3️⃣ Standing High pulls (10) - use water bottles, weights or any weighted objects
4️⃣ Froggie Squats (10)
5️⃣ Goblet Squats (10)
6️⃣ Alternating Reverse Lunges (10 each leg)
7️⃣ Deadlifts (10-12)
You can repeat this set I posted 1-2 more times for a full workout, or use the full length follow along on the blog (also in the app) to get guided and motivated with form tips, mods and plenty of #flawsome 😊
Workout programs to get real results are available on my blog as well so you aren’t just trying to piece together some random workouts all the time or know when or how to workout! 💪🏼💪🏼 options for home or gym ❤️
Don’t forget to save this set - use the 🎗below the post and add it to your workout collection! You can access and create collections anytime in your instagram settings, just look for the 3 lines on the top right when you’re in your profile view 🙌🏼
Check in - did you work out today, or are you planning to? 👇🏼👇🏼
  • Whenever life starts to feel overwhelming come back to this; the blessings.
There is so much good in your life. 
When you feel like you're drowning just take a deep breath, stop the racing thoughts and think of 3 things you are really, really grateful for.
This changes your energy, calms your nervous system, and gives you the space and grace to navigate the challenges. 
You got this. 
Keep going.
I believe in you. ❤
#bettyrockerlovesyou #thebettyrocker #strongereveryday