Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers….

The Rock Your Life Membership is your home gym in a one place – wherever YOU are. Rock Your Life contains workout challenges that you can take from anywhere, with or without simple equipment. You’ll be able to pick a class to take by time or type (if you want to train a specific body part, for example), or start a 30 day challenge that suits your time availability and style of training. New challenges are added regularly.

You’ll also have access to over 300 healthy recipes, and a Jumpstart eating guide to help you create the best eating system for you. Myself and the Team Betty Rocker Coaches are available daily in the group to help answer any questions you have.

With access to great trainers, health coaches, and fitness professionals, you’ll be able to get and stay on track – plus get the motivation you need to reach your goals.

The Rock Your Life program can support you if you’re doing one of the premium programs – it’s far easier to finish a program when you have support and accountability. Not to mention the chance to check in and get help with challenges that arise – and stay on track with good nutrition guidance and positive mindset.
If you’re not doing one of the premium programs, or when you’re done with your premium program, you can dive into one of many Rock Your Life challenges and keep right on track with your fitness!

The Rock Your Life Membership gives you access to:

1:  Exclusive Members Only 30 Day Challenges on Demand – aka “Challenge Netflix” where you can choose a different 30 Day Challenge each month, or use them along with Betty Rocker’s Premium Programs (the 90 Day Challenge, Home Workout Domination, Hot Abs and Booty, and Lioness) and the weekly LIVE Classes for an extra boost of motivation.

Plus, all of the 30 Day Challenges on Demand include the option to receive daily emails and a printable calendar for crossing off your workouts to feel an extra sense of accomplishment with each completed workout.

2: Private Support Group (hosted on Facebook) where you have 24/7 support and access for your questions, check-ins, and progress with Betty Rocker, Team Betty Rocker and the other Rock Your Life members.

3: Live, weekly home workout classes, broadcast live Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, where we do a variety of training styles and motivational workshops to help you reach your goals faster. These classes are in addition to your 30 day challenges, and can be a great opportunity to help you stay motivated and connect with Betty Rocker (Wednesday class) or one of the Team Betty Rocker coaches (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday classes) and get personalized support. 

4: Workout library to search by the time you have available, or type of workout – for the lower body, upper body, full body, abs, and a variety of yoga, barre and fusion classes so you can #stopdropandbettyrock ANYTIME.

5. Healthy recipe directory with over 300 gluten free, dairy free whole food recipes (including vegetarian recipes) to help support your body from the INSIDE out! More recipes added regularly.

Having guidance and personalized support when you’re doing any kind of training program is a total time saver and a great way to take your fitness and health to the next level.

If you’re tired of paying for programs that don’t motivate you and are ready to take action, this is the right place for you. If you like challenges and the camaraderie and support of like-minded people who are there to share the journey with you, this is the right place for you.

This program and community are all about making fitness your lifestyle and taking care of yourself while you’re doing it!

Yes – absolutely! Having the support community and access to get your questions answered, check in and get immediate feedback from your fellow Rockstars is one of the TOP REASONS people stay consistent and succeed with the program they are following.

Many members begin Rock Your Life while they’re beginning one of my other programs, and come to the live classes, participate in the challenges, and stay on track month after month.

Yes! The moment you subsribe you get instant access to all the trainings and content inside the Rock Your Life Membership area. Plus, you’ll be added to our private group! Once you’re signed up, please check your email inbox for your personal login and password.

Yes, you can customize what you use in the member’s area to your unique needs and desires.

If you walked into a training center, you wouldn’t be expected to start using all the equipment the first day or the first week! Going to the right place and having access to what you need when you need it is the key to lasting success, and with Rock Your Life, everything you need right now and that you’ll need as you progress is available to you.

When you first join Rock Your Life, you’ll have a customized orientation sequence that will be sent to you daily. Once you log into the member’s area, you’ll find an orientation to watch, as well as links to guide you to each area of the member’s area so you can start with what is the most appealing to you.

No, not at all – I’ll always provide home workouts that don’t require any equipment. I may invite you to use equipment (water bottles, towels, or sliders) you have at home, but will always show modifications and alternatives.

I do take member requests for classes, and you’ll get a variety of workouts to do from High Intensity Interval Training, Tabatas, Resistance Training, Barre, Yoga and more!

You can invest as much time or as little time as you like. The workouts in the challenges vary, and are posted so you can mix and match or pick and choose. If you follow a workout challenge, you’ll get up to 6 workouts a week. The workouts can be swapped around in order, you can take an extra day or days off, and you’re not locked in to doing anything that doesn’t fit your schedule.

You can find workouts that are 15 minutes and longer workouts that are 45 minutes, but the challenges are all clearly labeled so you can do one that fits your time best.

If you come to the live class with Betty Rocker, she stays online for an hour with everyone, so you can check in, ask her a question or hear updates. The workout will be a portion of the class so if you want to take off when it’s done, you can.

If you don’t have time for live class, you can choose a workout in the member’s area that fits your needs that day.

You don’t even need to leave your living room! And you can take us with you on the road if you’re traveling. It’s so easy!

Challenge workouts:
Just push play and start your workout! You’ll be able to read about the workout before you do it do decide if you want to try it, and you’ll know exactly how long it is as well.

If you’re following a challenge you’ll know what workout to do each day, but if you decide to swap in another workout or want to mix up the order of your workouts they’re all there for you to see so you can do what works best for you.

Live Classes:
All of our coaches live classes have a new theme every month and are designed to give you a challenging, fun, progressive workout in 20-30 minutes (or less).

Yoga, Weight training and Mindset workshops are 30 minutes in length. Betty Rocker’s classes are scheduled for a full hour – her workouts are from 15-25 minutes long, usually on the shorter side and she spends the rest of the class connecting with the members. If you’re short on time, you can just show up for the workout. If you have more time, the class discussions are an amazing opportunity to ask a specific question in person, connect with the other members, and get the most out of the program.

All classes are always recorded and added to our workout library, by time and type. The videos are viewable at any time, and can be paused, fast-forwarded, and re-watched as many times as you’d like. Plus you can watch them not just on your computer, but your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet too.

Absolutely. If you show up and do the work, follow the program, and ask the questions you need to get the support you need, you will get results. The program will not do the work for you though….you’ll get out of it what you put into it. I have complete confidence in you.

Women from locations worldwide of all ages, with health and fitness goals, and varying family sizes are represented in the group.

We have members who have been with us since the beginning (Rock Your Life started in 2014) and new members (like you!) find us all the time!

Our group is filled with supportive, caring, REAL women who have learned to seek the positive in their journeys. They talk about their real life struggles and triumphs, and lift each other up along the way.

You will not find complainers, whiners, negativity or show-offs in this community.

We promote real, long-term results that last – and a balanced approach to life that lets you enjoy it from a strong foundation.

Have you ever heard the saying, “You are the product of the people you spend the most time around?” Surround yourself with like-minded people and you will accomplish everything you desire – and YOU will be as important in their journey as they are in yours.

Yes, you can easily and instantly cancel your membership at any time. There is no commitment or obligation. If you select an annual membership, you get a 30-day money back guarantee: meaning you can test drive Rock Your Life risk-free for a whole month before deciding if it’s for you.

We do not refund annual memberships, nor do we refund partial months of Rock Your Life on a monthly plan, however if you cancel within 7 days of having been billed, the team automatically will refund your most recent monthly payment as a courtesy.

You can cancel at any time, there is no contract – billing is automatic and recurs monthly (for the monthly option) and annually (for the annual option) after you sign up.

Just contact my friendly customer support team at and they will take care of you!

How long you stay is completely up to you. As long as you are getting value from the classes, workouts, content, support and motivation, you should stay.

Many members find the program to be an integral part of their success and the results they get – specifically because it provides them with support and accountability – as well as fresh workouts.