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Bonus #1

7 Day Jumpstart Meal Plan

Here's just some of what you'll discover in this 86-page guide (yours to KEEP just for trying Rock Your Life):

  • The 5 biggest mistakes that could be sabotaging your workout results (pg6)
  • How to start every healthy meal (p24)
  • The best time of day to eat carbs (p30)
  • Fitting healthy eating into your busy lifestyle with my 3 food prep methods
  • Customized grocery lists for each food prep style
  • 19 Delicious Healthy Recipes (p53)
  • Your Daily Menus for the next 7-days (p77)
Bonus #2

Foundations of Functional Fitness Workshop

  • Make all of your workouts more effective with this Betty Rocker companion course, designed to improve your posture and alignment in 15 minute video tutorials.
  • Just a few of the workshop topics you’ll be enjoying: Mobility Foundations, Yoga Foundations, Squat, Lunge and Deadlift Foundations, Pushing and Pulling Foundations and more!
Bonus #3

4 Pillars Of Health Journal

  • Check in on your 4 Pillars of Health for 30 days: Sleep, Nutrition, Stress Management and Exercise.
  • Notice how these 4 areas work together to support your goals and use this journal as many times as you like!
Bonus #4

Weekly Success Sheet Planners

  • Plan and track each week successfully with these printable weekly work sheets.
  • Includes my simple charting system for staying on track – with room for your workouts, meals, ME day and your daily rating!
Bonus #5

Life Stages Training Guides

  • Guidance for training with your cycle.
  • Guidance for training in perimenopause.
  • Guidance for training post menopause

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Testimonial of Meg.

"More energy than when I was 30!"

I'm going to be 51 in November, and I have more energy than I did when I was 30! And it is all due to this program!

- Meg

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Testimonial of Kamilla.

“Almost 50 pounds lost!”

I started with Make Fat Cry in 2017. I couldn’t even do a push up. Between the first and second pictures, almost 50 pounds… lost, and I kept going strong. Thank you for making me change my “normal” I will be eternally grateful.

- Kamilla

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Testimonial of Zelda M.

“68lbs down, and I’m a more balanced better me!”

18 months ago I couldn't do a sit up, and only 1 push up! I found Betty Rocker a year ago with Make Fat Cry, and since then I've revamped my fuel through Betty Rocker meal plans. I'm a Warrior Woman (challenge) twice over, I'm a Fitness Addict (challenge), I've done 7 weeks of Strength Training (challenge), Sculpt Domination (challenge), 2 5-day challenges, and more. I'm 68lbs down in weight and I'm a more balanced better me, for myself and for others.

Thank you Rock Your Life members for inspiring me, supporting me and entertaining me, and thank you to Bree and the extended Betty Rocker team - you have created an amazing place to transform.

- Zelda

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Testimonial of Krystal.

“In the best shape of my life at age 44!”

I’ve been Betty Rocking for 2 years and experienced a lot of benefits in that time…in the best shape of my life at age 44! Best of all I’m setting a good example for my son and he can do fun things because I’m here to support him.

- Krystal

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Get shredded in your cycling years

When we’re still in our cycling years, our body has a natural fluctuation of estrogen and progesterone throughout the month which gives us a real advantage. We want to train at an intensity level that supports where the hormones are at over the course of the month.

Since we all have unique timing and lengths to our cycle, I provide balanced challenge programs and guidance so you can easily customize the workout schedule for where you’re at week to week. This will help you maximize your workout effectiveness to sculpt muscle and lose body fat, avoid burnout and feel your best.

get toned in perimenopause

As we reach perimenopause our cycle starts to slow down, causing key hormone levels to fluctuate. This affects the body’s ability to recover from our workouts, meaning it’s easy for us to get into an inflamed state by overtraining and not realize it - which sabotages our results by causing more fat storage and more muscle loss.

Combined with our body’s additional need for amino acids and our higher sensitivity to insulin at this stage of life, we are often set up for a perfect storm that makes everything we did in the past feel like it’s not enough, or not working anymore.

I give you a custom schedule for every challenge so you can make your workouts and rest periods really effective, plus I support you with the nutrition information you need so you can put all the right information together to create an optimal state to sculpt lean muscle and lose body fat.

get sculpted post menopause

Once we reach menopause and our cycle stops, the absence of key hormones that used to drive things like muscle and bone remodeling, fat loss and even our energy levels means we have less resilience to recover from things like endless cardio and overtraining, and we don’t bounce back as quickly.

Combined with our increased need for key nutrients that don’t get addressed, many women often struggle to lose weight and regain their energy. This sets them up for things like sarcopenia (muscle loss), loss of bone density, and greater fat storage.

I provide you with a custom training schedule for each challenge so you can stay safe and strong while challenging yourself effectively, recovering effectively, and eating to support your training. Putting these tools together will help you create that state in your body to optimize fat loss, sculpt lean muscle, and support bone density for years to come.

Testimonial of Ellen.

“Transformed Body and Mind”

I found the photos I took the day I decided to ‘lose the weight.’ Thought I should do some new ones, so here they are! This is pretty much all down to Betty Rocker workouts and meals! My body and my mind have been completely transformed!

- Ellen

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Testimonial of Denise.

“Never thought I could have muscle def again at almost 50 years old!”

Took some more progress and I am so pleased! I never thought I could have muscle def again at almost 50 years old! The Betty Rocker you have changed my life!

- Denise

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“My 4th consecutive challenge!”

This will wrap up my 4th consecutive challenge and I’m so proud of how much stronger and more flexible I am. Thank you for teaching me so much, keeping me motivated and making it fun!

- Ashley

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“40 pounds down…several inches lost!”

This program along with eating healthier lifestyle has truly changed by body and mind! I am currently doing the Bikini Body Challenge, and has kicked my butt! If this mama of 3 can do it, so can you!

- Bailey

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Sculpt your body from the inside out

with delicious Betty Rocker recipes...


52 Recipes

Smoothies and drinks

58 Recipes

Soups and salads

48 Recipes

Muffins breads and bars

31 Recipes

Sides and spreads

43 Recipes


81 Recipes

Vegetarian entrees

65 Recipes


23 Recipes

They’re ALL Yours Inside Rock Your Life!


...during the Fast Fitness 30-day Challenge and Beyond

Get support, new friends and a place to call home inside the exclusive
Rock Your Life women's fitness community!

  • Stay motivated in a positive space that invites you to share your journey and hear stories from other people so you always feel welcomed, seen and heard.
  • Stay accountable and on track by posting your challenge checkins, progress and stories in a supportive environment that’s always looking forward to hearing from you.
  • Enjoy the company of like-minded people who value health and fitness and want to share their experiences along the way.
  • Ensure your success with the support from the community whether you’re following a Rock Your Life challenge or doing a different program. Studies show that people are more successful long-term in reaching their goals when they have a supportive community.

“Accomplishments over the past 3 weeks!”

I am very proud of my accomplishments over the past 3 weeks. I'm eating clean, happy and feeling stronger. Day 23 of the Wonder Woman Challenge!

- Becky

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“10 months of Betty Rocker!”

I love this encouraging group, and I have found that programs are what I need to stay consistent!”

- Brooke

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“Workouts have completely changed my life!”

This is after 2 30 day challenges! Sometimes you don't believe it but you better, because these workouts have completely changed my life!! The only thing I doin addition (aside from completely changed up my eating habits) is run (usually tabata runs)/walk for my cardio!

- Crystal

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"These workouts are incredible!”

Same time, same place, same race - 1 year apart…only change was 11 months Betty Rocker! HUGE DIFFERENCE!! These workouts are incredible!

- Colleen

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You Get Access to NEW Workout Classes, Live Classes and Betty Rocker’s Exclusive Home Workout Class Collection

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  • Work out from ANYWHERE: Your classes can be watched on your phone or computer from anywhere you are.
  • All Fitness Levels Welcome: Betty Rocker and the coaches breaks down form and show progressions so you can get stronger no matter where you start.
  • Find a Workout by Time or Type: when you’re looking to #stopdropandbettyrock and you’re short on time and want to train full body, abs, booty and legs or upper body you can find the perfect workout!

You Get Access To Coach Betty Rocker and the Team Betty Rocker Coaches

  • Personalized Support and Coaching: Talk to Betty Rocker and the Team Betty Rocker Coaches in a class, in the private group or send us an email!
  • Get Your Questions Answered: Get feedback for your questions and concerns from Betty Rocker and the coaches inside the private group or via email. We’re here for you!
  • Tailored guidance for women in different life stages: We love talking about how to optimize your training with your cycle, optimizing nutrition and training strategies during perimenopause and post menopause!

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You Get Special Bonuses

  • 7 Day Jumpstart Meal Plan: get the essential primer to eating healthy with this 7 day eating guide and meal plan.
  • 4 Pillars Of Health Journal: Sleep, Nutrition, Stress Management, Exercise.
  • Weekly Success Sheet Planners: Plan and track each week successfully with these printable weekly work sheets.
  • 14-Day Foundations of Functional Fitness Workshop
  • Life Stages Training Guide: Get support and guidance with any Betty Rocker challenge whether you’re still in your regular cycling years, in perimenopause or post-menopause.

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