If you’re a BATCH eating type, you are probably a bit short on time. You may feel like you don’t have as much time as you’d like to cook, but you still like to have some home cooked meals, while enjoying the flexibility of having healthy shortcuts to save time.

At times, you feel overwhelmed by all the choices and conflicting information about what it means to “eat clean” or “eat healthy.”

You struggle with food cravings and sometimes are harder on yourself than you should be for the way your body just doesn’t seem to respond, even when you’re really making an effort.

As a BATCH eating type, you may be subject to time constraints, feel overwhelmed at times, and lose motivation to make the effort.

I realize how frustrating this can be, so here are a few suggestions that will help address the root causes of your eating challenges with a simple approach….

For Batch Eating Types I Recommend…

1. Choose your recipes for the week, with a FOCUS on KEY NUTRIENTS:

Choose recipes that ensure you will be able to eat a balance of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fat and greens.
As a rule of thumb, you'll want protein at all meal opportunities, good carbs at least twice daily (especially around workouts), and combine healthy fats with greens to aid in absorption of the wonderful vitamins in greens.
Make a grocery list based on the recipes you choose, and don’t forget to pick up some shortcuts foods.
Things like fresh fruit for your smoothies and oatmeal, and protein powder to help you meet your daily protein requirements without cooking everything.
Save money by buying in bulk, buying seasonal foods, and buying some frozen foods.

2. Boost your SUPERFOOD INTAKE by adding them into your recipes.

BATCH eating types need key vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) to maintain a healthy, fit physique.

For example, low-sugar fruits like blueberries are rich in antioxidants that keep your immune system healthy, and the essential fatty acids found in nuts like walnuts and almonds contribute to healthy cell membranes and brain function - plus give you lasting energy that busts cravings.

3. SCHEDULE one efficient WEEKLY cooking session.

Make a SCHEDULED time to do one main focused cooking session each week so you can save time and eat right all week long.
You can still make some one-off meals, or even go out to eat - but having your staples made in advance sets you up for MASSIVE SUCCESS.
This is one of the greatest gifts BATCH eating types can give themselves!

4. AVOID ADDED sugar and sodium.

Excess sugar intake elevates blood sugar, which causes fat storage, sluggish energy and in turns sabotages your healthiest body results.
Many processed foods contain way too much added sugar and/or sodium, which affects your body’s ability to regulate its water balance, your metabolism and your fat storage.
Doing your one weekly prep session will ensure you are not relying on these foods.
Read all food labels of the pre-made food you buy to ensure you aren't accidentally sabotaging your intentions, and save your intake of extra sugar for special occasions where you can (and should) enjoy it on purpose.

5. Balance your hormones with FREE activities like breathing, meditation, sleeping, yoga and movement:

As we age, our hormones change. While most of your hormones—like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone—decline, your stress hormone cortisol may rise. All of this affects your body’s ability to regulate your energy and fat storage. Enjoy daily stress management techniques to balance cortisol, like breath-work, meditation, yoga and exercise. And, eat foods that support hormone metabolism such as cruciferous veggies, garlic and onions, and colorful fruits and veggies.

ENJOY FLEXIBILITY... you can always switch methods week to week depending on how busy your life is.
I’ve got 2 other eating styles (Minimal and Hybrid) for you to use that are included in my solution below so you can use the best approach to suit your life week to week!

Check your inbox over the next few days for more information from me on how to take care of your body from the inside out.

How to Approach Eating with the BATCH Style

How It Works: Using the BATCH eating style will beat food cravings, give you steady, lasting energy all day long - and you'll see a remarkable change in your body, energy and mood.

What It Is: To be more efficiently with your food prep, use the BATCH method. Do one main efficient cooking session weekly in order to save time during the week ahead, and set yourself up to eat healthy every day.

Who Should Use It: If you're comfortable cooking, want to save the maximum amount of time and have the bulk of your food ready to grab and go, the “Batch” approach is perfect for you!

BATCH, you are a total ROCKSTAR when you have healthy, intentional meals ready to eat or take with you!

If You’re Ready To Start Rocking Your Body Today

I’ve put together a Customized BATCH-Type Healthy Eating System that will give you the perfect solution to save time, stay motivated and know exactly the right foods to eat...

The BATCH Eating Type Solution Includes:

Betty Rocker’s Complete Body Fuel System

Start Now

"Eating this way has given me freedom."

Bree A (me!)

I used to feel like I wasn’t in control.

Constantly struggling with my weight, my appearance and my erratic energy.

I was uncomfortable being seen in a bathing suit and felt like something was wrong with me.

Eating the way I do now has me looking and feeling younger in my 40's than I did in my 20's, and has empowered me to make best friends with my body and know exactly how to eat, in any situation.

Eating this way has given me freedom!


"For the first time in my life, I can honestly say I'm happy with my body."

Alicia A.

This inspiration you’ve given me has led me to lose 24 1/2 inches and 20 pounds.

For the first time in my life (I’m 23) I can honestly say I’m happy with my body.


"I've gone from 213lbs to 174lbs and I feel awesome!"

Erik C.

I used to weight 213lbs and felt like crap everyday.

My knee surgeries had me sitting on the couch all drugged up, losing muscle mass and getting fat.

Come Halloween, fairly snug shirt was exposing my belly rolls and for the first time in my life, I was insecure about my body.

I have been following Betty Rocker's recipes and anywhere workouts for a little under a year now.

Since November, I've gone from 213lbs to 174lbs and I feel awesome!

I feel like I'm 18 years old in high school again, fending women off me with a stick!


"Sorry I'm not sorry for Betty Rocking!"

Katlyn C.

I started the Body Fuel System right after Thanksgiving to guide me through the end of the semester and finals.

When I was done, I used the recipes and principles to guide my meals through my days of work and working out....and oh yeah, endless holiday food!


"5 weeks in and he has lost 22lbs and I have lost 13lbs and so stoked!!"

Lou H.

We decided to make changes in our lives and my hubby found you on the internet.

We immediately bought the Body Fuel System and got started right away.

5 weeks in and he has lost 22lbs and I have lost 13lbs and so stoked!

Proud in so many ways so again, a big thank you for your motivation and dedication.

Betty....you rocked our LIVES!


"The Body Fuel System was everything I needed to get over my weight plateau."

Jenna T.

I’ve always hated cooking with a passion!

Not to mention never had any good ideas for meals.

So when it came to wanting to cut fat and tone up I was lost on where to start

The Body Fuel System was the perfect solution for me!

Not only was this plan easy to follow but the meals were delicious!

Everything tasted amazing!!

It was exactly what I needed to get over my weight plateau.

If you are looking for some new and healthy ideas for meals I highly suggest the Body Fuel System!


*Individual results may vary and may not be typical or representative of what you might expect. To learn more about our community’s experiences with our programs look at our Testimonial Support page.

Allow Your Body to Look as Good on the
Outside as You Feel on the Inside....

  • BOOST Your Metabolism to its OPTIMAL State
  • Speed up FAT LOSS – Naturally
  • ELIMINATE the Need to Count, Track or Obsess Over
    Calories, Points or Numbers
  • LOOK and FEEL YOUR PERSONAL BEST and Stay that Way

All While Eating Foods that Taste Great!


It's Time to Ditch Your Diet and Switch to Eating Right for Your LIFE.

Has this ever been you?

You start a new diet, but after the first two or three weeks, you find that you’re not really seeing the results you were hoping for.

Turns out, it’s actually kind of hard to follow the program because you can’t eat your favorite foods without feeling guilty, it takes a lot of time to figure out how to do it and you’re already really busy. You’re still struggling with having enough energy, and you’re wondering if you’re ever going to see your body respond.

So you start to blame yourself. You tell yourself that you don’t have enough discipline. You think that your metabolism is broken. You feel like a failure. And worst of all, you start to lose confidence in YOURSELF.

You’re busy, sometimes overwhelmed, overworked, tired, and you just don’t have TIME to constantly be a slave to some ineffective demanding diet that doesn’t get results.

Have You Ever
Thought Any of the Following?

  • If I could just control my cravings I can tighten everything up…
  • I just need to force myself to do 1 hour of exercise a day…
  • If I can JUST stick to my daily calorie count, the extra weight will come off.
  • I shouldn’t eat bread or drink wine because low carb and low fat is the only way I can get lean…
  • My metabolism is to blame because I’m getting older…
  • Other people have an easier time than me because of their genetics…

Now I can’t read your mind, but I know that you’re
probably nodding your head to at least a few of those.

And I can also tell you that I know because not so long ago I thought all of the things on that list were true - and that not following them was going to make me fat and keep me from losing the fat around my abs, hips and arms..... Even though I was not seeing any significant changes following those "rules!"

In fact, before I figured out this simple strategy I'm going to share with you, I was lost in a sea of "Triets"....

(that’s the “Try-Every-Diet” Diet… maybe you’ve heard of it…)

My Triet lifestyle was ridiculous, and it kept me locked into a roller coaster cycle of constant highs and lows that made me feel like I was never really in control.

In trying to follow the "rules" that would give me the body I had always wanted,
I was instead stuck in a constant cycle of failure... and I couldn't stop!

That was – until I combined Science, Food and a System I’ve refined for the past 9 years – and went from a flabby, frustrated “Triet” Slave to the Fit, Confident and Happy person you see now…

…and have gone on to share my System with thousands of others who have already used it to get the results they wanted!

"I am happy with what I put in my mouth because it shows in my body!"

Dalida I.

I just wanted to email you to thank you again – I’ve been eating clean and training well and not depriving myself, and I legit see my (six) packs coming in!

And some of my jeans fit!

I have a lot to thank you for.

I make your shakes and your other dishes, and I am happy with what I put in my mouth because it shows in my body.


"People at work are jealous of the food I get to eat every day."

Casey D.

I documented my first 90 days, and the proof is in the first 2 pictures.

This is all doing the same workout routine, just changing what I put IN my body.

It really is amazing what a difference your diet will make.

I have spent years working out, and only saw minimal gains.

Once I started working with Betty Rocker's system, everything changed.

Not only did I start packing on the muscle, I felt better and more awake all day.

I was able to start removing most of my protein shakes and replace them with real food.

Now how I eat is second nature, and everything about the Body Fuel System makes it not only really healthy, but taste really good also.

People at my work know my diet and are jealous by the food I get to eat every day.

It's amazing how much more progress and results I received when I started following her program.


"Love my new curves!"

Rocio C.

Before and after 4 weeks of the Betty Rocker’s Body Fuel System!

My husband did it too!


"I am so proud of him for committing to a healthy lifestyle!"

Rocio C's husband

This is my husband – he really adopted the healthy lifestyle with me, and dropped from 17.1-14.3% body fat by lifting and following the Body Fuel System by Betty Rocker!

He is the most amazing man and I adore him at any weight but I am so proud of him for committing to a healthy lifestyle!


"The green smoothies in this program have changed my life!"

Jasmine F.

I had a preconceived notion that if I wanted to lose weight, my food needed to be plain and boring, because if not I was consuming too many calories.

Working with the Body Fuel System taught me that calories aren't the most important thing, instead, my focus should be on getting the proper nutrients that my body needs.

I had more energy and push harder in my vigorous workouts.

The green smoothies in the program have made it possible for me to have clean and healthy "fast food" on the go.

They have changed my life!


"I couldn't bust the plateau before."

Roslyn R.

I work out quite a lot, but it wasn’t until I did Betty Rocker’s Body Fuel System that I had changes in my middle area.

Seven months post-baby, and happy with this!


*Individual results may vary and may not be typical or representative of what you might expect. To learn more about our community’s experiences with our programs look at our Testimonial Support page.

Enter the 3 Eating Styles of the Body Fuel System....

The key to sustainable health lies in the 3 Eating Types I created that give us strategies to use for any situation we’re in.

When you combine the knowledge about how to combine the right foods with the eating style strategies, you can navigate your healthy eating with ease, get the results you’re after, have amazing energy, and feel great about your food choices.

These 3 eating styles are the essence of the Body Fuel System.

In your meal plans, you’ll find that each week has a special section for your Eating Type, and is labeled depending on what kind of a week you’re having. You can use each week 3 different ways, leaving you with multiple options and a great foundation for a healthy, flexible lifestyle that doesn’t lock you into a rigid system that’s hard to stick to.

Based on your Responses, you do best on the BATCH Eating Type...​

...but you have the freedom to use any of the 3 types, depending on how busy you are.​

    You need SHORTCUTS to save you time and EATING MADE EASY that gets results - even if you are super busy, don’t cook much or are traveling.


    You need a FLEXIBLE, easy-to-use guide that helps you stay healthy and get results on a busy schedule. You can do some light prep, but have the flexibility to take the healthy shortcuts in the guide.


    You need an EFFICIENT, simple map laid out to follow so you can conveniently prep your food for the week in one main session and save time all week.

The Body Fuel System uses my simple, proven
Eating Types to make it easy to stay on track

...it also gives you the exact, healthy, fat-burning recipes and foods you can eat to look and feel your BEST every day.​

Recipes Like...

5-Minute protein
(week 1)
tofu taco lettuce
(week 1)
sauteed shrimp
(week 2)
Asian Lettuce Wraps
(week 2)
breakfast egg
(week 3)
chicken SALAD
in a jar
(week 3)
captain america green
(week 4)
Pesto Shrimp Bowl
(week 4)
Ginger Pineapple Green
(week 5)
TURKEY Burgers
(week 5)
Blueberry Protein
(week 6)
sweet potato breakfast
(week 4)

Body Fuel
Eating Guide

This is your essential and easy to read guide to nutrition. You’ll learn how to navigate eating in all situations, and become a fit, healthy, confident eater!
This guide will empower you to make healthy eating your LIFESTYLE, once and for all!

You'll Learn:

  • How to Customize the System for Your Life
  • How to Get Lean and Fit without Counting Calories or Exercising Every Single Day
  • The BEST Beverages to Drink (HINT - they're not pre-made expensive shakes)
  • The SECRETS Behind Common Belly Inflammations that Lead to Hidden Weight Gain, and How to Keep Your Body Lean!
  • How to Kick Your Metabolism into High Gear - Even if it has Seemed Sluggish in the Past
  • How to Eat When You're Traveling and Order While Dining Out so You Don't Get off Track
  • How to BEAT Food Cravings
  • How to SAVE MONEY at the Grocery Store so You Can Have More to Spend on the New Clothes You'll be Buying
  • How to DETOX Your System so You can Enjoy Clearer Skin, Better Energy and More Efficient Fat Burning!

... Inside your six week meal plans (which you can use 3 ways)

You'll have at your fingertips...

3 Eating Style Guides (minimal, hybrid and batch) for each week

  • You’ll get 6 Weeks of Done-For You Daily Menus so you have an ACTION PLAN for each day of the week. This guide can help you make good choices even when you travel or eat out if you stick close to the suggested guidelines.
  • Customize it to YOUR schedule: with room to take days off or accommodate the unexpected. Take ALL the confusion and frustration out of wondering What to Eat When so You can Spend More Time Enjoying Your Life!

Weekly Done-For You Grocery Lists (by Eating Type)

  • You’ll have 6 Complete Grocery Lists (customized for Minimal, Hybrid and Batch) so you can save time AND money every week.
  • Each list corresponds directly with the Recipes, Daily Menus and BONUS Guides to take ALL the hard work out of Planning your Week – no matter how much cooking you’re doing.

Done-For You Weekly Menus

  • You’ll get 6 Weeks of Done-For You Daily Menus so you have an ACTION PLAN for each day of the week. This guide can help you make good choices even when you travel or eat out if you stick close to the suggested guidelines.
  • Customize it to YOUR schedule, it has room to take days off or accommodate the unexpected. Take ALL the confusion and frustration out of wondering What to eat and When so You can Spend More Time Enjoying Your Life!

Easy, Healthy Recipes

You’ll get 6 weeks of Delicious, Easy to Prepare
Fat-Burning Recipes that are

  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nutrient Balanced
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • Include Vegetarian Options

Included Follow-Along Recipes AND Complete
Weekly Food Prep Guide for Speed and Efficiency

WARNING: THIS System IS NOT for Everyone!

Who is this for?
Well first, let me tell you who this ISN’T for.

If you’re trying to “bulk up” this isn’t the plan for you. This also isn’t the plan for you if you’re trying to lose 20-30 lbs in a week. People who use this system have easily lost that amount (and more), but they don’t do it overnight, or in a week.

Will this program work for you?
You tell me, will you work for IT? Are you willing to eat real foods, prepare simple meals, either one at a time or in batches? Are you willing to read a few chapters about Nutrition so you can give your body the actual sustenance it craves to do its functions?

Because if you can do these things, this will 1000% work for you.

How quickly will you see RESULTS? Many of my readers send me a letter during their first week telling me they’re sleeping better, their bellies are shrinking, they have lost their cravings and so many more wonderful effects.

But the biggest reason this works is because there is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL approach to YOUR unique body. This is a blueprint to understanding the language your body speaks so you can move the needle in the direction you want it to go. It’s on its own schedule. Following this program will create change – it’s up to you how fast that happens.

This is about creating a LIFESTYLE
A lifestyle built on harnessing the abundance of nutrients that CAN and WILL go to work for you to keep your body a lean, mean machine all day long, every time you eat them.

Take a Look at Some of These Inspiring Messages From
my Thriving Fitfam Community That You Will be a Part of...

"I lost 6lbs in the first week!"

Rebecca C.

I needed to let you know that you have changed my life.

I never thought that a “plan” would be something I would stick to or want to stick to because they are all so BORING.

However, yours rocks.

My way of thinking about food now is to fuel my body and not to starve it.

Your recipes are great and have helped make me and my husband be healthier. I lost 6 lbs in the first week!

“Let me tell you how I am feeling lately: Energetic, stronger and even smarter…”

John W.

My newest, smaller-sized bike shorts are almost looking baggie on my skinnier ass!

Not sure of what to make of that but I guess I’ll take it…

Also I am getting a lot more respect at work and seem to be getting more than just sweet little old ladies saying hi to me at the grocery store, among other places!

The fat is melting off my body but I don’t seem to be losing weight, just gaining a new shape or rather uncovering an old friend.

I just said if I am halfway there, the rest will be fantastic, because I never dreamt I would ever feel as good as I do now.

Thank you very much!

"I stopped craving sugar all the time."

Ashley G.

The main difference I noticed immediately after starting the Body Fuel System was that I stopped craving sugar all the time.

I still would feel a craving every now and then (especially during emotional moments) but because my body was finally adequately fueled with complex carbs and proteins and veggies on a regular basis I didn't feel that desperation for sugar like I used to.

I read the Body Fuel System from cover to cover and what I appreciated most was not just the incredible amount of information and advice, but the positive message of self-love and acceptance that Betty Rocker was spreading.

"I overcame my wine craving."

Tekoah C.

Week 4 of the Body Fuel System and I feel AMAZING!

I definitely recommend the Body Fuel System, my body feels alive!

Before I started I would have a glass of wine at night not thinking it was a big deal

I worked out, I ate healthy, I CRAVED wine at night.

But now, doing the BFS I realized I wasn't craving, I was lacking.

Now I have lost that crave for wine at night and I can enjoy it when I choose to, and that's a big deal for me.

Thank you Betty Rocker!

"A new, healthier me!"

Veronica M.

Still a work in progress, but I’ve been following the Body Fuel System and the workouts.

Thank you for your help, to a new healthier me.

The next phase is all up to me. I got this!!


"My doctor says my heart disease risk is now way below average!"

Connie K.

Blood work is excellent.

All the bad stuff went down and the good stuff went up.

Heart disease risk way below average!

Thank you Betty Rocker for the healthy recipes…

Who would a thought quinoa could taste so good? open

*Individual results may vary and may not be typical or representative of what you might expect. To learn more about our community’s experiences with our programs look at our Testimonial Support page.

When You Start Today!

Body Fuel System Cookbook and Recipes Guide

All the delicious Body Fuel System recipes at your fingertips in this amazing cookbook!

6-Week E-coaching Course

This companion coaching course will help you start the program with ease, and navigate the program successfully.

Healthy Travel and Eating Out Survival Guide

An amazing reference that shares my strategies for successfully navigating traveling and dining out.

Eat This Not That Guide

Make better choices from wholesome sources, and avoid foods that seem healthy but actually aren’t with this handy quick reference guide.

Resources and Healthy Shortcut Foods Guide

Save time, save money and take easy shortcuts with this helpful guide! This bonus guide will help you use the program with success - even when you are busy and need more flexible options.

Food Swaps and Substitutions Guide

Help making your meal plans and recipes flexible. Need to swap a food out? This handy guide will help you!

Your deserve to feel your best

You deserve to know the REAL DEAL when it comes to the food you put in your mouth – in your KID’S mouths – in your family’s mouths, every day.

Everything I use PERSONALLY and teach my clients is inside this program, and I want you to have it.

How your body looks and feels is a byproduct of how you treat yourself. If you don’t have the best information, how can you make the best choices?

I am a very direct person, so I’ll be cutting through all the junk to tell you EXACTLY what you need to know about how to combine the foods that trigger your body’s own natural fat loss system, shore up your energy, bust cravings, WHEN to eat the right foods, how to be super efficient with planning and prepping – everything you need to EASILY upgrade your lifestyle to the one you deserve – FOR GOOD.


Now It’s Time To Take Control.
Join me, and the amazing community of people who are

Getting Fit, Feeling Great, Looking Hot, and Loving Life!

Here's How to Get Started!

So I added up the cost of all of the components of the Body Fuel System,
which came to a total of $297 including the bonuses.

I didn’t write this program so it could sit on a shelf collecting dust, I wrote it so busy people like YOU could quickly and easily get their hands on the EXACT information you need to take control of your life and start actually enjoying food, loving your body and rocking some serious fitness all over your life!

So I’ve knocked the price down over 70% off its total value to empower you to spend your money on what we need to make this work – the FOOD! Invest this small amount today in the Body Fuel System and arm yourself with the most valuable part of making this work, the knowledge to eat right for your LIFE!

Regular Price $197

Body Fuel System

Today You Pay
Save $140

For security purposes, all orders are processed on a secure server.

You’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS to the Body Fuel System and Bonuses Immediately
After Purchase. This Program is 100% Digital. No Physical Products will be Shipped.

100% Money Back GUARANTEE

I know that this information and this System will have an incredibly positive impact on your life, because not only do I live it, I see it, and I read about it from the people who use it over and over.

But I know you have already been on a journey getting here, and I trust that you know what’s best for yourself. At the end of the day, if this isn’t the right fit for you, or doesn’t create change in your life, don’t sweat it. You can return it within 60 days and get your money back, no questions asked.

Bree Argetsinger
CEO The Betty Rocker, Inc

Got Questions? I've Got Answers....

Regular Price $197

Body Fuel System

Today You Pay
Save $140

For security purposes, all orders are processed on a secure server.

You’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS to the Body Fuel System and Bonuses Immediately
After Purchase. This Program is 100% Digital. No Physical Products will be Shipped.