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Testimonial of Melina O.

“I’m feeling so much better!”

"Hi! I just finished the 30 day challenge. This is my before after pictures. I share them so u can see that it really work. I didnt lost a lot of weight but u can see that im smaller so go for it!!! And thank you betty rocker you rock!! im feeling so much better !!!"

- Melina O.

Testimonial of Heather M.

“I love my abs!”

"I can't believe the 30 days went by so fast! I love my abs!"

- Heather M.

Testimonial of Leanne S.

“I was really excited when I put these two photos next to each other!”

"Your 30 day program popped up on my Facebook and I decided to give it a go. I really didn't expect to see much of a difference, so I was really excited when I put these two photos next to each other! So to anyone out there that didn't take photos, really don't just believe what the numbers say! They really don't give you the full picture! Thanks again Betty!"

- Leanne S.

Testimonial of Alesha J.

“I love all the support”

"Thank you Betty! I love how the weeks get harder as we go! I love all the support and how we do this together!"

- Alesha J.

Testimonial of Lani S.

“Rock on Betties!”

"My before and afters! Rock on Betties!"

- Lani S.

Testimonial of Karen G.

“I so love the program!”

"Thank you!! So love the program!! I am including my progress pics!"

- Karen G.

Use This Healthy Eating System During The Challenge And BEYOND!

  • Get set up for a lifetime of success, and enjoy eating in a way that supports your 30-Day Challenge – in a convenient, time-saving format that’s fun!
  • Enjoy delicious, healthy, whole foods and gluten free, dairy free recipes. Get fueled with what your body craves to give you lasting energy to power through your workouts.
  • Give yourself the right balance of nutrients so your body burns extra fat it’s carrying and supports the lean muscle you’re sculpting with the workouts in this program.
  • With meals and recipes that are quick and easy to prepare, you won’t need tons of ingredients. Vegetarian options are included too, so you’ll have plenty of variety.
  • Enjoy food that NOURISHES and satisfies you – and does the job that food is supposed to do, which is to sculpt your body from the INSIDE.
  • This program is the greatest guide I could ever imagine giving a person that is ready and committed to creating a body they love… and it’s the ultimate key to my own personal “nutritional toolbox.”
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Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

The 30-Day Challenge Eating Guide And Meal Plan Is Available Right Now, With Instant Access — So You Can Start Immediately.

Here’s What’s Included:


INCLUDED: Your Healthy Eating Guide

  • The perfect foundation for healthy eating to support you for a lifetime in your strong, fit body.
  • The 101 on the exact foods you need to eat to reach your goals, balance your energy, banish unwanted body fat and get strong and lean.
see sample pages

INCLUDED: Delicious, Easy Healthy Recipes

  • Easy-to-make, delicious recipes
  • Gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian options
  • Simple, whole food ingredients
  • Delicious breakfasts
  • Easy snacks and delicious smoothies
  • Quick and healthy lunches and dinners
see sample pages

INCLUDED: Time-Saving Daily Meal Plans

  • 4 Weeks of Daily Menus combining the right foods at the right times with your workouts
  • Easy-to-adjust menus (including Vegetarian Options)
  • Use my easy eating system for a lifetime of success
  • Master an eating style that works for your LIFE, not just for a week.
see sample pages

INCLUDED: Start Right Away, From Beginner To Advanced

  • A beginner’s guide for each week to help you jump in and get the most out of the plan and options whether you’re new to cooking or are just short on time.
  • A batch prep guide for each week that puts the best recipes together for variety, ease of set up and time-saving meals that are ready to grab and go!
  • A hybrid guide that shows you exactly which staple recipes to make, while still taking some shortcuts for weeks when this is the best option for you.

INCLUDED: No-Brainer Grocery Lists

  • Simple Weekly Shopping Lists to make your life easy
  • Never overbuy or waste ingredients with the exact amounts you’ll need each week
  • Speed through the store with ease
take a look inside

Grab Your Meal Plan Today And Enjoy These Special Bonus Gifts


Food Swaps and
Substitutions Guide

Easily swap different foods into your mean plan, catering to your taste preferences while providing variety and flexibility.


30-Day Challenge
Recipe Guide

All of the whole food, gluten and dairy free recipes in one place (vegetarian options too) – so you can easily pick and choose recipes to try for you and your family.


Healthy Desserts

These delicious recipes are gluten free, dairy free, kid, picky eater, boyfriend and husband approved!

Eating Right And Exercise Go Hand In Hand!

Testimonial of Jess J.

“Healthier body, mind and lifestyle!”

"Thank you Bree for helping me Betty Rock my way to a healthier body, mind and lifestyle!"

- Jess J.

Testimonial of Brianna V.

“I love seeing and feeling the changes!”

"Well since today is the last day this is my progress picture. I’m not done with week 4 until Friday, but BAM! I love seeing and feeling the changes."

- Brianna V.

Testimonial of Amanda N.

“What a difference 30 days can make!”

"Wow! What a difference 30 days can make! "Thanks Betty Rocker. Big gains for me with your 30 day challenge and eating healthy. Your videos are so great. I would wake up everyday excited to see what you had in store for me that day!!"

- Amanda N.

Testimonial of Alana B.

“Thanks for this great program!”

"So I’ve been feeling really good these past 2 weeks but wasn’t convinced it was translating to the outside - until I do my comparison pics - wow! Definitely the reinforcement I need to stay committed for the next 2 weeks and beyond! Thanks for this great program and all the supportive people participating!"

- Alana B.

Testimonial of Michelle.

“Stronger, healthier and happier!”

"I thank you for helping me kick off the first month of my new life. I thank you for challenging me to be the best possible me that I can, the me that I deserve. I know I'm not where I'd like to be yet, but I'm one month closer than I was! I'm motivated, stronger, healthier, and happier than I ever have been.. and now I'm addicted to this feeling."

- Michelle

Testimonial of Renae T.

“I feel better, healthier and stronger!”

"I weigh the same as when I started, however I feel better, healthier and stronger. I think my abs have more definition than they did before and my butt lifted. I felt like quitting so many times, but I didn't stop."

- Renae T.

Meet Your Coach!

Who is Betty Rocker? Betty Rocker is me! My name is Bree Argetsinger, but I was called “punk rock Betty Crocker” since I was a little girl - which morphed into Betty Rocker! I’m a certified trainer, nutrition specialist and motivator of personal growth, and I support women all over the world of all ages as they transform inside and out.

My passion for fitness and health developed after treating my body very badly for many years and choosing to educate myself and do the work to develop good practices based on science, my own intuition and a deep love and compassion for other people who were struggling as well.

Read more

It’s So Easy To Get Started…

Combine the Eating Plan with your workouts for results that last!


  • Make eating healthy delicious, fun and EASY… even if you’re not an experienced cook
  • Discover time-saving eating tricks for healthy eating, while avoiding sabotaging cravings
  • Eat real food… NOT another magic pill, energy drink or diet fad
  • 70+ Simple yet Amazing recipes to help you feel and look your best with any workout program
  • Pack your fridge full of healthy options setting you up for the week and freeing you up for your workouts
  • Feel-good indulgences with the Bonus Desserts Guide
  • Food Swaps and Substitutions Guide for food allergies and dietary restrictions
  • Available in downloadable format so you can print it out, and/or enjoy instantly on any device
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Use the 30-Day Challenge Meal Plan and
experience the difference for yourself…

I know that this information and this Meal Plan will have an incredibly positive impact on your life, because not only do I live it, I see it, and I read about it from the people who use it over and over.

But I know you have already been on a journey getting here, and I trust that you know what’s best for yourself. At the end of the day, if this isn’t the right fit for you, or doesn’t create change in your life, don’t sweat it. You can return it within 30 days and get your money back, no questions asked.

Bree Argetsinger CEO The Betty Rocker, Inc

WARNING: Time is Ticking!

I want to see you get results for the valuable time you spend. What you do today will pay off tomorrow, and for years to come.

Working out is only PART of the equation. If you’re not fueling your body properly, your muscle tissue can’t strengthen, and your energy levels will drop. That makes it hard for your metabolism to work efficiently and slows fat loss.

You have everything you need to set yourself up for lasting success with this program.

Don’t put off til tomorrow what can be done today! Take action now.

COMBINE the power of your workouts with eating the right foods using THIS GUIDE, and make time serve you!

Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers...

Do I get to keep this meal plan or does it expire?

The 30 Day Challenge Meal Plan is yours to keep, and access to it does not expire.

What do I get with the Meal Plan and Eating Guide?

The 30-Day Challenge Eating Guide and Meal Plan is a 30-day eating plan that includes a comprehensive guide to how to burn fat, boost your metabolism and combine foods properly so you can easily create a healthy lifestyle while carving out a lean physique.

It includes daily menus so you can easily combine the right meals around your workouts, eat optimally without counting calories or restricting your food intake, leaves room for eating out and those special treats and occasions and will totally teach you how to do this yourself.

It includes grocery lists so you can shop with ease for the simple recipes, and options for how to prep your food – whether you’d like to pre-make some of the entrees and staple dishes, or do it on the fly.

The recipes are delicious, easy to make, and are all gluten and dairy free. Your plan also contains Vegetarian options for variety or if you are following that eating style.

You also get 3 amazing BONUS books, including the Swaps and Substitutions Guide, Recipes Guide so you have all your 30-day Challenge recipes from the meal plans in one place, and a Healthy Desserts Cookbook so you can enjoy treats guilt-free!

All these recipes will give you lots of great ideas and you can swap things in and out of your meal plans for additional variety.

Is the 30-Day Challenge Meal Plan different than your other eating plans?

Yes! This program was created specially for the 30-day Challenge. While I use a similar format for all of my meal plans to teach you how to combine food, you’ll get new, easy to make recipes and unique meal plans to follow.

I'm really short on time - how long will it take me to get set up?

The recipes are super simple and easy to make, and none of them take long to prepare – often much less time (not counting cooking time, if that’s needed).

I’m a big fan of bouncing back and forth between setting myself up with a strategic batch food prep session – and cooking easy meals as I go through the week. The eating guide and meal plans will give you options so you can do whatever is easiest for you each week.

Sometimes it saves more time to cook several staple meals on a Sunday, and other times it’s just easier to cook as you go. And with the easy to use guide, you’ll be able to order out with confidence and stick to your nutrient guidelines and stay on track, even if you’re not cooking.

Will I need to buy fancy, hard to find ingredients to make these recipes?

Not at all! Most of the ingredients can be found in a regular grocery store or ordered online to save money if you live someplace remote.

You won’t need to buy some rare fruit from a foreign country to see results – just eat real food! I’ve also included a very comprehensive swaps and alternatives guide for you, so you can confidently change up ingredients as needed.

And if you ever have a question, me and the girls at Team Betty Rocker are a quick email away – just write us at support@thebettyrocker.com and we’ll be more than happy to help you with a substitution or any question you have!

How Much Weight Will I Lose During the Challenge?

To be honest, I don’t have an answer to that because it’s a little different for everyone. If you’re in the habit of weighing yourself, one of the important things to know is that your weight on the scale won’t actually tell you much about your body composition – as in how much water you’re carrying, how much muscle, and how much fat.

You’ll most likely start to notice your body changing within a week. You’ll notice you’re feeling stronger, you might notice your clothes fitting differently (even without a lot of weight loss, which means your body composition is changing).

You will be losing inches and dress sizes as the challenge progresses and you stick with the workouts – and challengers who use the meal plan with the workouts have noticeably faster progress.

Muscle is denser than fat, and takes up less space in your body – so as you lose fat and add muscle, you may not see the number on the scale going down as fast as you expect, even though you are noticing the shape and tone of your body changing.

Everyone is completely unique and the rate at which we lose fat is different. If you want to lose the most fat and change the shape of your body the fastest, using the 30-day Challenge Meal Plan with the challenge workouts will give you the fastest and longest-lasting results.

Exercise makes you FEEL amazing – more energy and better sleep are some side effects of regular exercise. But you simply cannot out-train a bad diet – which is why it’s so important to have the right combination of nutrients, and learn how to do this stuff yourself so you can make it a lasting LIFESTYLE.

To really see the changes your body is experiencing as you go through the challenge, you DEFINITELY should take PROGRESS PICTURES every week, and NOT rely just on the scale.

In fact, I suggest not stepping on the scale at all during the challenge. Use your clothes and your pictures as a way to track progress the best! You will see amazing changes when you stick to the plan!

Will the Meal Plan be Shipped to My House?

Your Eating Guide and Meal Plan will be Immediately Accessible after your purchase in my exclusive customers only VIP area.

This program is 100% digital – which means not physical books. The reason for this is that when I looked into the cost of printing all of the amazing components you are purchasing, the cost alone was multiple times what I am charging for the information. I wanted to make this information available to you without the added cost so you can actually benefit from it.

What’s great is that it’s available on any device you’re on, and you can print out any part or parts of it yourself – in fact, I’ve broken most of the programs into separate documents to make it very easy for you to print just the recipes for example.

Right after you purchase, you’ll get an email (to the email you use on purchase) with a secure login and password so you can INSTANTLY access your program materials online (you can download them and save them to any of your devices).

You’ll have forever access to your new program, and be able to log in to your secure area from any device, anytime.

If you pay with Paypal, make sure the email you get your Paypal emails at is one you check, as that is where your program will go. It’s as simple as an email to my customer support team at support@thebettyrocker.com if you need to update that email address.

Do I have to follow the meal plans and recipes exactly? What if I have an allergy, or don't like an ingredient?

Not at all. The cookbooks and recipes have a wide variety of gluten free, dairy free options to choose from – and you can always choose a different recipe to suit your preferences from one of your bonus cookbooks!

I’ve also included a very comprehensive swaps and alternatives guide for you, so you can confidently change up ingredients as needed.

If you need some help, me and the girls at Team Betty Rocker are a quick email away – just write us at support@thebettyrocker.com and we’ll be more than happy to help you with a substitution or any question you have!