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  • Don't doubt yourself. Keep working for your goals - but know with certainty that RIGHT NOW, in this very moment, you are enough. 
You are #awesome. 
You are a force to be reckoned with. And it is your WILL and the CHOICES you make about what you CAN CONTROL that will always determine your outcome. 
I know I can't control other people, certain things in life that happen - but I can choose how I respond. 
I also get to choose how I treat my body - what I feed it, how often I exercise and how I talk to myself internally about it.
Don't get down on yourself for the little things, use them as fuel to become mentally tougher. Remember that you're a role model to other people in your life, in both your actions and your attitude.

Stop telling yourself you'll be happy when...
You have the perfect body
You have the perfect partner
You have the perfect job
You have a perfect life
Look for everything you already have and focus on that goodness, and continue to make choices that expand on what you have as you deepen the value of your life on every level.
You have an amazing mind. 
You can do the hard things. 
You are strong. 
You have made it this far already and so far, you've survived 100% of your worst days - so I know you've got what it takes.
#bettyrockerlovesyou so remember to #loveyourself too. 💜
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  • “You’re amazing! Thank you for the 30 day challenge! I already lost 6lbs and 1.5 inches off my waist. Wanted to show you a progress pic. I start the 90 day challenge on Wednesday and I’m so excited to be my fittest yet. I have gotten SO MANY people on board and have been advocating you like crazy. Even my mom started it. Thank YOU!”
Super proud of this beauty, Sarah - who has just about finished the 30-Day Challenge and is gearing up for more. 
While I’m not tagging her insta by her request for her privacy, she said i could share this anonymously, and I know she will read your comments so let’s show her our support below for her consistency, dedication, continued success AND don’t forget, her MOM!
You inspire others every day with the actions you take, keep focusing on your goals in all areas and stay clear on your values on your way to achieving them and you will always succeed 💕🙏🏻
Sign up for this free 30-Day Challenge at 💪🏼
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#thebettyrocker #makefatcrychallenge
  • One of my favorite qualities in my closest friends is their ability to laugh at themselves. I really value humility balanced with confidence because it says “I’m open, learning and growing, and I’m Awesome too.” You’ll have to tell me if this is true for you, but I find I can forgive people just about anything when they are self-reflective, own their sh*t and are deepening their self awareness. Taking personal responsibility is the hallmark of true personal power and a deep, fulfilling life. 
While I was doing some brain training #neuralfeedback a few months ago, I gained some perspective about the way we love ourselves and the reason so many relationships go wrong.
It’s because people can only love you to the extent that they’ve learned to love themselves. 
And I know it’s no big shocker but that means that YOU can only love another person as much as you’ve learned and allowed yourself to love YOURSELF. 
This is why I think the piece about being open and learning and growing, and taking personal responsibility is so profound. Those tools allow us to deepen our self love, and in turn love the people around us.
And LOVE is what really raises the frequency of the world. 
My mission of late has been to simply focus on nurturing the relationship I have with myself; how I care for my physical body, how I talk to myself internally, being mindful of my thoughts and the direction they take, being conscious of how I feel in relationship to others - so I can bring more love to everything I touch and every person I engage with.
Key In this process for me has been a consistent willingness to be humble. To recognize that no matter how far I’ve come, I am always a student. .

Share where this lands for you in comments below. Looking forward to your thoughts ❤️
📷 by my awesome cousin @jcargetsingerphotos .
#thebettyrocker #love
  • Believe in YOU. 
You are a warrior, keep your chin up. You don't need to have it all figured out yet, that's what this journey is for - living those experiences that teach us. 
When we find out we need knowledge so we can get to the next goal, it's about going after it, feeding our mind, practicing on ourselves and not being afraid to fall on our face a few times to end up as the person who's reaching a hand down to help the next girl rise up when she falls.
Don't doubt yourself.
Forge ahead.
You are strong.
Nothing can stop can only delay you, for a minute.
I've been failing forward my whole life and I know pain and self doubt and fear and insecurity and shame and they are all part of it, all part of why I also know triumph, know grace, know patience, know I WILL WIN. I will make it.
And so will you!!! .
#bettyrockerlovesyou #strongereveryday #thebettyrocker
  • Short on TIME today? Pair these 3 moves together for a fast full body circuit as shown and reap the rewards that consistency with movement has on your body, energy and sense of confidence.
3 rounds (or more):
1️⃣ Side Plank Crunch (0:30 each side) - work your obliques and get those ab lines with this one - make sure your knee is supported.
2️⃣ Mountain Climbers (0:45) - shoulders, core, buns and cardio with this beauty of a move! Stack hands below shoulders and run your heart out! For modification, elevate your upper body against the side of a couch or chair.
3️⃣ Push Ups (0:30) - I know it might not be your favorite move but push ups are important! Work your chest and core and arms. Building up to this one is easy - start with kneeling push ups, work your way up to an elevated push up (hands are on a chair or couch, legs straight) and then take it back down to the floor. Work as many of the toughest ones you can do, then finish with the modifier. Each time, try to build in more. You can do it!
Working out today? Check in below ⬇️
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  • What lies BEHIND us and what lies BEFORE us are small matters compared to what lies WITHIN us. -R.W. Emerson .

At the end of the day, it's between you and YOU. 
That inner strength and security is the truth you can rely on day in and day out.
If we constantly go looking for our motivation to succeed externally, we over-train ourselves to be influenced in other ways from the external, some not helpful at external validation, external appearance comparison, etc...
When you build and strengthen your sense of PERSONAL SECURITY by taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for your choices and actions, you create a PERSONAL FORTRESS, an unshakable foundation that's just inspired by external motivators - not dependent on them - and easily deflects the temptation to be pulled down by negative influences. .

Because inside you are the world.
Inside you are whole.
Inside you are enough.
Inside you are everything you need to be, RIGHT NOW, and into your moving future that you are creating, because...
Inside, you are THE CREATOR of your own life.
.. #thebettyrocker #motivation #selflove #truth
📷 by @jcargetsingerphotos
  • What is your biggest challenge when it comes to being consistent? I think we too often block ourselves from it by thinking we have to take this “all or nothing” approach to reaching our goals when the secret to consistency is truly to do SOMETHING - you can always do something. .

One step forward, one round of a workout, walk instead of take the elevator, make that healthier choice with one meal, drink more water, be patient for just one more minute. .

If you've missed a workout or had a few too many lingering holiday treats, this is your permission slip to not beat yourself up over it.

Today, focus on doing something that moves you in the direction of your goals. Not ALL the things, SOMEthing.

Because real results come from doing something consistently, not trying to do everything and burning out so you end up doing nothing...and this is how we are going to really succeed in 2018.

I like to call this the "all or something" approach, and it's been a lot more effective for me than "all or nothing" in getting lasting results and actually being happy and feeling good about myself.
And that inner happiness, that self love, that positive feeling about ourselves - that’s the real win. ❤️
#allorsomething #thebettyrocker #strongereveryday
  • BOOTY BARRE fusion flow - try these moves today for a #lowimpact, highly effective anywhere workout to sculpt and tone your booty and legs!
Try 3 rounds:
1️⃣ Extensions (0:30 each leg) - keep your core tight and don’t arch your back 
2️⃣ Squat to Extension (0:30 each leg) - try up on your toes, lead with your hips in the squat for proper alignment and keep your weight back, chest up. 
3️⃣ Squat to Lift (0:30 each side) - wide squat, lean to the side and laterally sweep your leg up
4️⃣ Plié Pulse (0:30) - work to stay down, heels up, and press those knees out 
5️⃣ Reverse Curtsy Side Kick (0:30 each side) - keep your chest up and your core engaged 
6️⃣ Bent Knee Extension (0:30 each side) - keep your core tight, don’t arch your back so you can really isolate that gluteal muscle 
7️⃣ Lunge Pulses (0:30 each side) - keep your knee lined up over toes, press through the heel and chest up! Add a lateral lift with your arms for bonus shoulders 💪🏼
Super fun!!
I filmed this one while I was in South Africa on the Eastern Cape. .
Full length video on the blog - get it via the app!

#stopdropandbettyrock #thebettyrocker .

Amazing pants by @teekigram 💜