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  • I don't exercise every day. I don't eat perfectly every day. I sometimes get impatient. I am often in a rush. 
I don't have it "all figured out" but I will say this, I do my best every day. 
I really appreciate my life, and this amazing vessel of awesomeness that is my 41-year young body. 
I was so hard on myself for so long, mentally, physically, emotionally -that it's like this huge gift that I have the opportunity to do better now. 
Don't worry if you don't "get everything right" or follow your plan perfectly or even have a plan figured out. 
Keep seeking knowledge, allow yourself to be your own self-experiment and focus on what you HAVE, more than what you lack. 
When life is annoying or irritating you, think of what you are grateful for. 
Be kind - to yourself as much as you can. 
And remember you're AWESOME 💜
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  • Use your mistakes as the raw material for your next success.
Don’t ruminate over them endlessly, blaming yourself or dwelling on failures. 
On reflecting on mistakes, the most useful mental exercises are to:
💜 Look for the GOLD - this allows us to learn and grow, and accelerates our success.
💜 Take personal RESPONSIBILITY - at the foundation of all successful relationships - including the one you have with yourself - is this highly important action. Developing the ability and initiative to self reflect, own our behavior and actions is the fast track to success and fulfillment. When we own our own sh!t we develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and compassion for others who have their own sh!t too.
💜 FORGIVE yourself. It’s so powerful. Give yourself grace and kindness. Don’t beat yourself up endlessly. Taking personal responsibility and looking for the gold should give you plenty of reasons to see things from a positive long term perspective and accept that you are human. 
Love yourself. You are amazing. And #flawsome 💜
#motivationmonday #thebettyrocker #selflove
  • Eat when you’re hungry. 
Rest when you’re tired. 
Relax when you’re stressed.
Step back when you’re overwhelmed.
It's so easy to get caught up in that "all or nothing" mentality where we rush ahead feeling like if we don't do every workout in our program every day or make every meal a perfect one we're a failure or we have to start over...but it's just not that way at all.
If you can start to approach all the things on your massive to do list with an “all or something” approach rather than “all or nothing” you’ll enjoy life more, be less stressed, more successful, more present, and dare I say, happier.
Healthy habits are what to AIM for daily, if you can't hit every single one every time, it's ok! 
It's a lifestyle, not a prison sentence.
This weekend, I want to invite you to join me in listening to your body, doing the best you can, and giving yourself permission to be present to your life ❤️❤️
#loveyourself #thebettyrocker
Many thanks to cousin @jcaoutdoors for always capturing me so well on 📷❤️
  • Don't let anyone tell you it's wrong to take pride in your appearance. 
It's not wrong to feel sexy, to feel beautiful, to want to work on your butt, your legs, your abs, to get stronger, to get faster, to work on any goal that matters to YOU - ...what IS wrong is someone telling you you can't feel beautiful because you don't have a specific body type or because you weigh a certain amount or for any reason at all... But you know what's messed up - the person who most often tells you that is YOU.

An important shift I had to make myself was in putting TOO much value on how I looked and thinking that was the basis of all I was worth.

I was always finding myself comparing my body to others and inside I was always feeling "less than." I had this idea of perfection that was about a half a foot taller, a longer torso, bigger boobs, less cellulite, a straighter nose, smaller feet - haha, the list was endless because the mind is an endless well of supposing that can go in any direction we send our thoughts.

I was so focused on the outside. What a waste of time.

You know I'll stand up here today and take pictures of my body because I'm so PROUD of the work I have put in - this is my vision for myself at 41 and I'm really really happy for the balance I've created.

But I WISH I could take a progress picture of the inner journey I've been on so you could really see that if I hadn't done the mental and emotional "weight lifting" I wouldn't be as proud of the byproduct of my hard work - my physical being - like I am now.

I have actually physically looked like this before, but I was never happy with myself. I would have taken pictures and seen only flaws.

I'm proud of my physique now, but I'm proud of so much more. 
Instead of flaws, I see #flawsome. 
Nutrition and fitness were my gateway to personal mastery - and I will never stop learning and growing.
If your life isn't painting a picture that you'd like to step inside of, start choosing some other colors to paint with! Your life is a one of a kind masterpiece. 
There is only one YOU. 
Eat like you love yourself. 
Move like you love yourself. 
THINK like you love yourself. You freaking deserve it. .
  • ⭐️Quick Mental Checklist⭐️
✔️ Who in your life ADDS value: when you’ve spent time around them you feel awesome, empowered, good energy? .
✔️ What activities in your life make you feel ALIVE? .
✔️ What foods do you eat that make you feel satisfied and nourished?
✔️ What kinds of exercise leave you feeling STRONG, and confident? .
✔️ Which Instagram accounts that you follow inspire, motivate and uplift you, and after you see a post you feel good about yourself and what you’re doing?
It’s a short list but it’s plenty to consider ... consider it and spend MORE time doing and being around THOSE things, people and activities. .

The more you replace anything that doesn’t feel like this with the things that do, the happier, more fulfilled and closer to your goals you are. ❤️🙌🏼
.. #motivation #thebettyrocker #mindsetiseverything
  • Push up PROGRESSION tutorial! Full length version with more options, form cues and important info about your rotator cuff and stretches for your chest on the blog: @thebettyrocker for link, or just go to, or use the app ⭐️
1️⃣ High Incline 
2️⃣ Single Leg High Incline - this allows you to build more strength before lowering your upper body. You’ll see this repeated throughout the progression for this very reason.
3️⃣ Lower Incline Kneeling
4️⃣ Lower Incline one knee
5️⃣ Low Incline Toes
6️⃣ Low Incline single leg
7️⃣ Kneeling on the floor
8️⃣ Single knee on floor
9️⃣ Full Plank on toes
🔟 Single leg on toes
❇️ Bonus progression: Decline Push Ups, feet elevated. You can try progressing from there to a single leg. .
In the new video I show you lots of options and explain why you’re stuck in endless kneeling push ups, how to alleviate wrist pain and all the things you need to really build a strong, supported base for any kind of push ups!
Watch it today! I made it thanks to your requests! 💜
Cute pants from @teekigram use my link to get 10% off! 💜⭐️
#homeworkout #pushupsfordays #pushupprogression #fitnessmotivation #thebettyrocker
  • 10-minute Full Body POWER WORKOUT with a wall and a towel to slide on (anything that slides on your floor is fine!)
3 rounds
1️⃣ Walk it out, push ups (10) - kneeling works great too!
2️⃣ Slide ins (10 each side) - amazing for your abs
3️⃣ Elevated Single Leg Booty Blasters (10 each leg) - awesome for your butt and hamstrings!
4️⃣ Side Slide Press (5 each side) - slide one arm out while lowering into a half push up with the other arm. Maintain your Plank. Kneeling is great too!
5️⃣ Wall pike push ups (5-10)
This is RESISTANCE training using your environment and gravity to add that extra challenge component!
Don't hesitate to get creative where you are!
Upper body moves are also very challenging for me, that's why I do them, so I can get stronger! Be where you are, modify as needed to build your strength and take action!

#stopdropandbettyrock #thebettyrocker #thebettyrockerchallenge #noequipment
  • Say no so that you have room to say YES to the things that you really want. .

We sometimes suffer from the “being nice” syndrome where we don’t want to “hurt someone’s feelings” but the truth is, everyone is responsible for their own feelings and reactions. .

Including us. .

So be honest about what you actually feel, and be kind to yourself and others (kind > nice) by setting clear boundaries and creating space for yourself to be able to say YES when it counts.

All those maybes float around out there like endless open loops draining our energy. .

A solid no might feel challenging but if you approach your no’s with kindness you’ll win every time by clarifying what’s right for you to yourself and to others, which is self-respecting, high value behavior. .

Time is the most precious resource of all; create more opportunities for more quality time by saying no. .

Do you ever struggle with this? Fill me in below, and tell me how you might try to handle the same situation in the future with this in mind. ❤️
#selflove #timeisprecious #thebettyrocker #motivation