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  • Always remember to be kind, because everyone is fighting their own internal battles.
This is why it is especially important not to compare yourself to other people, because we can never know their journey from looking at a picture.
True strength comes from within you. 
No matter where you are on your path or your quest or in your goals, only you know if you are giving it your best, doing all you can do.
Don't fall into the trap of giving up because you think you'll never get the same result as the next person or thinking your struggle is harder. 
Your struggle is your struggle, and you have to fight the best fight you can muster in yourself to overcome your own resistance, fears and past experiences to become the best version of you.
Remember this and be kind to yourself as well as the people you encounter because every one of us has an inner world we live in that deserves compassion and love.
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  • Open-faced breakfast #supersandwich - super simple and super delicious! Share your recipes and variations in the comments - I love breakfast sandwiches for dinner, lunch or breakfast!

Made this for @annakanaley (my cool cousin 😊) #supersandwich - you could eat both halves or one half, depending on how hungry you are. Recipe is for 2 halves: 💚 2 slices toasted Ezekial sprouted grain bread (or gluten free bread, or any bread of your choice)
💚 ⅔ avocado, Mashed and divided between the 2 slices 💚 2 eggs, plus ⅓ cup egg whites scrambled with 3-4 oz turkey (lunchmeat or baked)
💚 1 fresh vine ripened tomato, diced or sliced
💚 ¼ cup micro greens
💚 drizzle of balsamic 👌🏼👌🏼 So good!! Hey Rock Your Life Rockstars, I’ve been loving your daily #photofoodjournal - you can tag me on instagram with your daily food diaries so I can see them!
Stay strong, stay awesome, and keep fueling your body with delicious, healthy food to keep you strong inside and out!

#healthyhappy #thebettyrocker #delicious
  • Stop apologizing. Embrace what makes you happy. When we deny ourselves, that's when we run into problems.
When our actions come from self loathing instead of self love, that's when we are in trouble.
You know I used to struggle with food cravings so bad. I used to not be able to control my drinking. I used to abuse myself with drugs.
Know what I figured out?
I couldn't enjoy ANY of those experiences because I wasn't doing them for the joy of the experience. 
I was doing them to escape feeling whatever was hurting me or bringing me down.
It's a different world when you choose to eat something because it's fun and makes you feel good - and you understand what it will make your body feel like after. 
You choose to cook or eat most of your food whole and nutrient dense because you choose to nourish yourself. 
That's a choice too.
You choose to have a glass of wine or a couple drinks with your friends because it's fun. 
You don't apologize and you don't feel bad. The only time you feel bad is when you know you're doing it out of self loathing, not self love. It's simple. So get in deep with why you're doing what you're doing.
Take responsibility for your choices. You're the only one who can. 
Stop apologizing. Look it in the face and understand it for what it is and make your choices ON PURPOSE.
You’re stronger than you think! You can do it!
#bettyrockerlovesyou #believeinyourself #happyhealthy #motivation #thebettyrocker
  • ⭐️Quick Cardio Abs Workout ⭐️
This is a quick, heart pounding circuit that will strengthen and shred your core! •
I've suggested (0:30) for each move but if you're up for the challenge try 3 rounds of (0:45) each! •
If you want to do this with me, the full workout is on my blog in the Abs Workouts section (link to my blog in my profile @thebettyrocker) I go over mods and form as well to help you get the most out of this! 😊👍🏻
Do 3 rounds of this one and be sure to check in and let me know what your workout is today!
1️⃣ Jump Ins (0:30)
2️⃣ Knee Ups (0:30)
3️⃣ Jumping Cross Cross Squat (0:30)
4️⃣ Side Plank Dip to Crunch (0:30 each side)
Hope that wherever this finds you, you're feeling energized, strong and beautiful! Tag a friend to try this too 💪🏼💓
#stopdropandbettyrock #makefatcrychallenge #thebettyrockerchallenge
  • Happy Valentine's Day, my beautiful, amazing Rockstars ❤❤❤
Today is a day not just for lovers, but for LOVE - for YOURSELF and for others.
If you're single today, I want you to do something super special for yourself and for a friend or family member. 
And if you're in a relationship, remember that it's the way you take care of yourself that strengthens your relationship too ❤
Tell me what you're plans are today and inspire me and everyone who reads this to love a little more!
#bettyrockerlovesyou #happyvalentinesday
  • This quote really struck me as appropriate today. How many of us eat emotionally, eat because we are frustrated, sad, happy; eat/drink things that soothe us, choose things that "make us feel good" but hurt us on the inside...
We give food this tremendous power over us and then we are angry at the consequences our emotional eating (and let's not forget drinking) wreaks on our bodies.
Stop treating food like a drug. 
The problem isn't the food, it's how we use the food. You won't create the inner balance you're looking for by stuffing your face or mindlessly eating because you're sad. 
The more you can start to see the nutrients in your food and the way it serves your body, nourishes your body, the more you can DECIDE how you want to feel BECAUSE of what you eat, rather than deciding what to eat because of how you feel. 
I know it's not easy. But educating yourself about food is the best first step, then choosing foods that support your goals and nourish you is the second. 
Take one step, then the next. Then repeat. 👣👣👣
And if you stumble, fall of track, just get back up and notice what you learned and keep going. You aren't supposed to get it perfect, if you did you'd never know why or how to be strong when the next obstacle comes your way.

Share your thoughts in the comments, and yes, feel free to use this quote on your page too. ❤
#strongereveryday #thebettyrocker #balance
  • Remember….
It’s the things we face and overcome that make us who we are. If we were never tested, we would never know our strength. If we never failed we would never learn to stand up again. If we never made a mistake, we would never strive to grow.
Embrace the struggle. Even when you’re broken down, crying asking why! What the f@&k! Remember to also say THANK YOU. Thank yourself, thank the sh** you’re in, thank the challenge you face. 
Because there isn’t a successful person alive who made it without a whole lot of trial and turbulence.
You got this. 
You are stronger than you think.
You are resilient.
You have more to give.
You are capable of being kind - to yourself and others - even when it’s hard.
Because life is tough, but you are tougher.
#thebettyrocker #strongereveryday #bealioness #fitnessmotivation
  • ❤️ Shaped Booty and Hamstring Sculpt Low Impact Quick Circuit:
Try these moves, 4 rounds total
1️⃣ Elevated Bridge Lifts (15) - really focus on the squeeze in your glutes as you lift up. This move turns on and fires up the glute muscles so really isolate and focus here. Gets your hamstrings as well. Drive down through your heels.
2️⃣ Elevated Butterfly (20) - get your side booty and the center of your booty with this awesome move that also gets your core with the isometric hold.
3️⃣ Straight Leg Raises (15) - really targets your glutes and challenges your core
4️⃣ Single Leg Straight Leg Raise (10 each side) - keep your pelvis super stable here, try not to let it roll up on either side as you press down and lift up to really target your booty lift 
5️⃣ Out Toe Leg Lifts - 15 each side - isolate your medial glute muscle with this one by turning your foot out laterally and lifting up and slightly to the side. Keep your pelvis stable, and feel the work coming from your butt not your back!
Work that ❤️ shaped booty! 
Tag me in your pictures and videos so I can see your check ins! Keep up the great work!!
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