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  • It's ok you don't have to master everything about being successful in a week or even a month, take a deep breath and don't even sweat it - we put so much pressure on ourselves to "get it right" in such a short time, "see results" in such a short amount of time - don't do that to yourself. 
Real results, the kind that you learn from, the kind you get to hold onto forever come from real mastery, which takes actual time and work. 
That doesn't sound very fun though, so we just give up before we get there because it's "too hard." Stop that. 
You're worth it. 
And there is a way to get there that doesn't have to feel like work - and that way is to make it a game with yourself.
Take the pressure off yourself to do it so fast and shift to a place of HOW WELL you can master it. 
See when you compete with others, or what you think other people expect which a lot of us are subconsciously doing, you become BITTER - and bitter saps our energy, makes us tired, makes us give up. But when we consciously compete with ourselves, make it a GAME, make it fun, we tap into our creativity and we become BETTER. 
So whatever this new thing is that you're trying to master right now, just play with it - have fun with it, track your progress, make adjustments as you go based on the data, find a buddy to be accountable to or join you - because when we have a playful approach we tend to do better with everything in life because we're more receptive and more creative ❤️ less stressed, more engaged. 
And for me personally - you have to tell me if this is you too - results are never satisfying and way less meaningful if I don't enjoy the process of getting them. AKA it's about the journey, not the destination. 
If you practice enjoying the journey you can reach a thousand epic destinations and feel like a badass every step of the way, but if you don't enjoy it you'll feel like a failure even if you actually hit every goal you ever had. 
And baby, we got things to do, places to be, people to see and a life to rock. 
Own your mindset and choose your framework. 
You're worth it, you're already successful and you're going places.
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  • #stopdropandbettyrock with me today from anywhere you are with this lovely little circuit that will WORK your body head to toe! 
Combine these moves with some heathy eats to sculpt your body from the INSIDE and the outside ❤️💪🏼
@thebettyrocker link in profile ( for my best recipes and meal plans!
3 Rounds:
1️⃣ Mountain Climbers (0:30) - do these with your upper body elevated for a nice way to build up strength!
2️⃣ Inchworm Rotating Star Planks (1:00) - do the planks on your knees to help balance and build up!
3️⃣ Split Squat Jumps (0:30) - or do alternating fast forward lunges to do this low impact 
4️⃣ Triceps Dip Crunch (0:30) - can also do standing triceps extensions holding your water bottle overhead
5️⃣ Rotating Jump Touch (0:30) - with optional hair flipping lol 😁
Take the jump out and step squat side to side for a low impact variation 👍🏼
Don't let the weekend get away from you - slip in a 10-12 minute circuit like this and choose the best foods you can for the situations you're in - get a jumpstart on the week ahead with a few good staple recipes in mind you can prep tomorrow - make your plans and your list today! 📝
Get my done for you shopping lists, daily menus and healthy recipes via my blog, - and browse more delicious easy recipes there anytime!
Start where you are
Use what you have
Do what you can
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  • YOU are BEAUTIFUL ❤️
Say it to yourself right now, “I am beautiful.”
Taking pride in your appearance and spending the time to learn how to take care of your body is a high-value move. We respect people who take care of themselves, and we respect ourselves when we make our health a priority. 
But it’s not the only thing that makes us beautiful.
Where you are RIGHT NOW is exactly where you are supposed to be.

Even if you find yourself in the middle of chaos, a complicated relationship, just after a week of bad choices, in the middle of moving, or after a really difficult day.

Take a deep breath and know that you have everything you need inside you – all you have to do is polish it up with a little attitude shift and let it shine – so it can attract and magnetize all of the people and opportunities that will make your dreams a reality.
Beauty is how you value yourself.
Your value as a person doesn’t come from your face or your weight on the scale, it doesn’t come from how much money you make or who you’re dating.

It comes from the way you practice love – toward yourself and the people in your life. It comes from how present you are, your ability to listen, to be compassionate – again, toward yourself and towards the people in your life.
Think about it.

The people you want to be around the most worry less about themselves and how they look and more about listening to you, caring about you and loving you….
….because they’re not really worried about “being beautiful.”
They simply ARE beautiful by living with the qualities that make being human such a gift.

You are that person too.

Pass this message on, everyone deserves to feel beautiful.

And be sure to leave me a note and let me know if you’ve struggled with this, where you’re at, how saying “I am beautiful” makes you feel. I love hearing from you! ❤️❤️
  • Check out the awesome progress @queenstocky86 has had in just 21 days with the 30-Day #makefatcrychallenge 💪🏼
She says, "The difference 21days can make 😃 feeling so alive and FAB U LOUS. Long way to go yet but starting to see a difference" 😃🤘
Send her some love and support FitFam - staying on track to reach a goal requires focus, consistency and often a great plan. She's using my free 30-Day Home Workout Challenge - available at 💪🏼
Next up is the 90 Day Challenge, which you can get on or via a special link in your challenge emails 😊👍🏻
Be sure to check in and let me know what workout you're doing today! Keep up the great work ROCKSTARS!
  • Happy Hump Day 😊🍑 haha was feeling a little moody but then I saw this and I cracked up! 
Remember that YOU have a gorgeous booty, let's work it with my brand New Booty Workout that just went up on my blog - @thebettyrocker link you right to it in my profile - add it to your workout plan! ❌⭕️❌⭕️
  • Try this fast, effective BOOTY+ABS home workout - you'll be done in 10 minutes!
3-4 rounds:
1️⃣ Side Plank Lever (0:30 each side) - elevate yourself on a chair, side of your couch, bench or any surface and reach your top leg toward your arm. Drop the bottom knee for a modified version.
2️⃣ Alternating In & Outs (0:30) - great core workout! Alternate opening and keeping your legs together as you extend. Try it with knees bent for a modified version.
3️⃣ Single Leg Hip Thrusters (0:30 each side) - best booty move ever!! Keep your hips level. Do it on both feet for more stability.
4️⃣ Rotating Plank with Optional Push Up (0:30) - it's ok if you skip the push up. You can also do this kneeling.
5️⃣ Bridge Lift with Overhead Press (0:30) - use a water bottle or light dumbbell. SQUEEZE it all together at the top! Lower your feet to the floor for a modified variation.
You can do it!! Make the day awesome. ⬇️ Check in with me today and let me know you did a workout! ⬇️
@thebettyrocker #stopdropandbettyrock .
  • It's not the things that knock you down.
Its not about fair it right or wrong.
It's just about your choices.
Give up or keep going.
Get up and do your workout or sleep in.
Keep your promises or break them.
Character is simply a series of repeated choices we call habit.
Be the best version of you ❤️
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  • #Squats in honor of Moms 😊 Here to give a shoutout to all the MOMS modeling healthy behavior to their kids, getting them interested in fitness and nutrition by making it a priority for themselves, making it fun and setting the example of how to care about yourself.
I have so much respect watching you moms model a healthy lifestyle, do my workouts and challenges and recipes, and inviting your kids to participate. .
It is seriously the greatest thing ever seeing your kids love the food you're making and wanting to exercise with you, wanting to be little Rockers 💪🏼
Kids learn everything about what to do from what we do. .
Even if you're not a parent you still have people who look up to you. 
Remember that the choices you make and the way you take care of yourself sets a strong example.
Be that role model of balance ❤️ And Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms! .
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